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Master Guide on How to Make Stone in Little Alchemy

One of the most important and basic items in Little Alchemy is a stone. It is quite an adventure to create and make items in Little Alchemy which is why in this article, we would provide you a guide on how to make stone in Little Alchemy.

How to Make Stone in Little Alchemy

  • Combine air and fire
  • Combine water and fire
  • Combine earth and water

When you combine elements in Little Alchemy, you would need to be experimental and you would also need to be patient. Not all combinations would work. Do not be discourage when this happens. Try and try and keep a list of combinations. Do not repeat mistakes and focus on discovering new combinations.

In creating stone, there are many different combinations you could try and when you make a stone, you would be able to combine it with other materials which would be able to give you a new item. For example, if you combine stone with air, you will get sandal. If you mix stone with fire, you would be able to create metal. Combine stone with fire and fire, you would be able to create steam.

For you to be able to move forward in this game, Little Alchemy, you would have to understand different elements and combinations. You would have to be creative and at the same time improve your problem-solving skills. Try different combinations and do not be discouraged. Be adventurous and experimental.

If ever you get stuck, you could use the game’s hint feature which could provide you some clues on which item or elements to combine.

Combining Air and Fire in Little Alchemy

For you to be able to make stone in Little Alchemy, you would put air into your playing board. Then, you could combine it to fire. When you combine air and fire, you would be able to make energy and if you combine this with earth, you would be able to create stone.

This might may seem very straightforward and simple, but it is always highly recommended for you to experiment with other different combinations. One tip is that for you to try combining air with fire in different order and in different ratio.

Mixing Water and Fire to Create Stone in Little Alchemy

Another way to create a stone is by combining water and fire. This combination, however, keep in mind that this combination could provide you steam or it could also put out the fire. This means, when you combine water and fire, you would need to be really careful. Timing is the key.

You could also use hints and tips to ensure that you are combining the correct balance between water and fire. This way, you would not have any problems in creating a stone successfully.

Another strategy in creating a stone is by adding water to fire then, immediately drag and drop earth which would provide you steam which would then turn into stone.

Combining Earth and Water

Drag and drop earth onto your playing board and combine it with water. This would provide you mud. Then combine it with either fire or air. This would give you stone. Keep in mind that if you combine earth with lava you could create obsidian which when combined with air will give you stone.

Stone is a very important item in Little Alchemy. The reason behind this is because it could be used to craft other items as well. For example, through stone, you could create metal.

Alternative Methods to Create Stone

In Little Alchemy, there are many ways for you to create items. This does not exempt creating a stone. Stone could be an end result of many different combinations. For example, you could combine air and lava or you could also combine earth and pressure and you would get stone. You could also try to access guides and hints for you to be able to create a stone in Little Alchemy.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information which you could use as a guide in making a stone in Little Alchemy.

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