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How to Pair Bose Soundsport

A lot of people enjoy music and most often than not, we listen to music while we do something else. Aside from music, we also listen to audiobooks, podcast and the like while working out, commuting, gardening, etc. 

One of the most popular technology that help us do this is through earbuds, Bose Soundsport. Before one could use the mentioned earbuds, you must first pair them with your preferred device like smartphone. However, there could be a possibility that you might struggle to pair them. If you are experiencing this and do not know how to pair your earbuds, do not worry as through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to do this.  

How to Pair Bose Soundsport

First thing you must do before pairing your Bose Soundsport is to ensure that your device has its Bluetooth switched on. Hold your headphones’ power/Bluetooth button until it is ready to pair. Select Bose Soundsport earbuds on the list of discovered devices. 

NFC Connections

As you must have noticed, Bose Soundsport is actually equipped with Near Field Communication or more commonly known as NFC. Through NFC, you will be able to pair your device even without having to navigate through your Bluetooth menu. Exciting isn’t it? Unfortunately, this could only work if both of your devices have NFC. 

If you wish to pair your device to your earbuds using NFC, keep your device and headphones close together. Ensure that both devices’ NFC is turned on and your device and headphones should pair together through Bluetooth. Keep in mind that when we say to keep both devices close to each other, we mean about three to four inches. Once your devices are paired, you could already use your headset and you do not have to keep your other device very close to your headset. 

Through NFC, it is much easier and faster to connect to devices with NFC too. If your device does not have NFC, you could still connect your Bose Soundsport headphones with your device by going through your Bluetooth menu. 

What to Check when Troubleshooting

If you find it challenging to pair your Bose Soundsport Headphones with your device, you will have to check if your headphones and device’s Bluetooth is turned on. The good thing about using your headphones is that it is on a default discoverable mode. Activate your Bose Soundsport Headphones Bluetooth by pressing the power button. 

To activate your Bluetooth, you will have navigate through the settings page. They must be switched on and could search discoverable devices. We also recommend that you use Bose Connect App to make pairing easier and simpler

Keep in mind that headphones cannot be paired while it is in its charging case. 

Other Features

Once that you have paired your Bose Soundsport Headphones with your device. You will be excited to know that there are a lot of features that you could enjoy from your Bose Soundport and one of them is its ability to be paired to more than one device simultaneously. This is very convenient as most headphones do not have this ability. 

You could take calls as well. It will pause your music when someone would call you. If you are connected to a computer and your phone and someone calls, it would pause your music as well. 

Connecting your USB charger to your laptop allows you to be able to charge your headphones as well. 

Lastly, these earbuds could handle moisture from sweat and weather.


Is there a difference between pairing these devices with Android or iOS devices?

There is not much difference in the process in either type of devices (Android or iOS). 

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