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How to remove and replace your battery on the LG G5

The LG G5 shows LG’s willingness to try something new with the phone’s modular design while sticking to its tried-and-true removable battery. Unfortunately, removing the removable battery isn’t as easy as it was in the G4, G3, G2, and Optimus G (the first phone in the series; LG dropped the “Optimus” label with the G2). Whereas in the G, G2, G3, and G4, LG made it so you could simply pop off the back cover, place a new battery in the slot, and then place the back cover on the phone again, the LG G5 doesn’t have a removable back cover: instead, it has a removable bottom portion where the front speaker is placed. This means that you must learn a different way of removing the battery in the LG G5 as opposed to previous models.

Fortunately, it isn’t too hard once you get the hang of it. To remove and replace your battery on the LG G5, perform the following steps:

  • First, you’ll need to find the battery slot release button on the LG G5; you can find it right above the detachable bottom portion on the left hand side. The detachable portion of the phone is marked off with a line (called a gap) from the left to the right side of it, and the release button is to the left of the gap.

LG G5 module release button

LG G5 module and battery

  • Next, you’ll need to press the release button once, and let the button eject the detachable portion. You need only press it once; the eject function should do the rest. Then, slide out the module from the LG G5 and the light greenish battery should slide out, too. The battery says “Life is good when you play more,” showing LG’s slogan from its MWC 2016 announcement.

LG G5 components taken apart

  • Once you slide out the battery, you’ll now need to detach it from the detachable portion or module portion of the phone. To do this, you’ll need to try to pry the battery from the bottom modular portion. Now, you’ll feel as though you’re going to break the battery and the modular portion, but you won’t. Once it’s detached, you should have three pieces: the modular portion (which can attach other modules), the battery itself, as shown above, and the G5 display.
  • Take the new battery and connect it to the modular piece. The easiest way to do this is to examine the bottom two pieces (black in color) on the bottom of the battery. One of the pieces is marked “B1.” The B1 piece goes into the larger slot on the top of the module; the other shorter piece goes into the shorter slot. You should hear the battery snap into place when connected to the module, and you should see the black triangles located at the bottom of the battery line up with the black triangles on the modular portion.

LG battery pieces

LG battery pieces up close

LG G5 battery and module pair

LG G5 battery and module triangles align

  • Once you attach the new battery, you can then slide the battery and connected modular portion back into the LG G5 display. Power it on, and you’re ready to go.

LG G5 battery and module go into display

Did this LG G5 tutorial help you remove and replace your battery? Would you like to see other tutorials like this in the future? If so, feel free to do your thing in the comments. And, while you’re at it, check out our LG G5 review.

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    1. Curt, you’re right. It’s quite an inconvenience. It took a lot of work just to pull it apart and detach it from the modular portion just to write the how-to on it. At this point, I see the ease of removable batteries in the V10 and the G4 as having greater appeal to LG’s fan base than the new G5. The G5 has a better build quality, in my opinion, but if removable batteries are such a big deal, then I’d recommend one of LG’s 2015 smartphones instead.

  1. When I take my battery out, now I’m having problems getting the battery to go back in. It won’t click into place, like something is preventing it. I can attach the modular portion back to my phone without the battery but when I try to put the battery back in with the modular portion it falls short??

    1. Dalton,

      I’ve heard that this problem could exist with the LG G5 and your response is confirmation that this does happen.

      A few things could be at play: 1)it could be the case that the module slots for the battery are not locking the battery in tightly enough. This doesn’t seem to be your problem, though, since the battery’s not falling out of the device or coming apart from the modular portion.

      It seems to me that this is a case of wear and tear, that the battery ends are experiencing signs of use that are causing the battery to not “lock” into place and click when you slide it into the phone. The modular portion works fine, you said, so the only thing that could be causing this type of problem is the battery.

      My suggestion to you is to get a battery replacement and see if that helps. The two pieces at the bottom of the battery have to lock into the modular portion in order for the battery to work…by a process of elimination, the modular piece is fine so it has to be the battery. Remember how you have to pry the battery from the modular portion before you attach a new one? if the prongs on the battery bottom are sliding or won’t lock anymore, then the battery won’t slide up when you insert it with the modular portion back into the device.

      The battery prongs may be the issue, since the bottom of the battery consists of two tiny pieces that can break in the process of removing and sliding the battery back into the phone. So, it’s best to purchase a new battery since the modular portion is working, as you’ve said.

      I’d get it checked out with a store representative or someone who’s good at phone repair. If they’ve used a G5 or had to repair one, they’ll know what to look for. But first, before doing that, I’d buy a new battery and test it to see if it’s that. Since you’ve not had any other problems (and the device and battery were fine at first), I’d say your problem is a result of normal wear and tear and the implementation and design issues with this handset.

      I wish you the best of luck and hope that I’ve been able to help you in some way. Please feel free to visit again and share your experience with a new battery. If the battery is the issue though, I encourage you to slide the battery into the phone softly from now on so that you can save a few dollars on batteries.

    2. Dalton,

      Just had another thought. I’ve been inspecting my own LG G5 and there are hinges at the top of the phone display in the phone that can be jammed with the constant sliding motion. Those may also be responsible for your issue too. So, as I said previously, if you get a new battery and there’s no change in the result, I’d say the hinges within the display (at the top inside your phone) are to blame. I’d say you’ll need repair if the hinges are jammed.

      Again, I’m sorry you’re having this problem and hope yours gets resolved. I appreciate you writing in because we want to help consumers who’re having these kinds of problems. The more we know, the more we can help.

      Let us know what else we can do to serve you.

    3. Hi Dalton,

      Have you resolved your problem?
      I have same. After disassembling I can’t get in the modular with battery. Without it clicks in easily.
      Would highly appreciate if you share your solution.
      Can’t find it in the internet.

      1. Hello, I have the same issue just when I was trying tu put back in my fresh new battery the base doesn’t make the “click” in one side, and when i put the basd back into the phone i struggle to close it, i think that one of the hinges in the base just snap a little bit, Did you fix your phone? or just did you just change the base if the battery?

  2. Hey, I accidentally tried to install my battery the other way (bending it vertically instead of horizontally) and I think i bent the plastic connecter a tinsy bit… Is this bad for the battery or is the connecter completely separate?

    1. It’s likely the case that it’s bad for the battery. The connector portion at the bottom is necessary in order to have the battery go inside the phone. With the connector piece broken, you’ll be unable to use it. Yeah, you’ll need to buy a new battery.

      This is the downside to LG’s convoluted implementation of the removable battery. I think the old way of removing the battery was easier and had fewer headaches as a result.

  3. here is the address to find LG’s instructions which I would have preferred to look at before reading yours, it iss very quickand easy to pop out and change the battery. Forget the B1 my battery has a b4 on it! Notice the arrows rotate the end of the battery keeping both in the same plane, then rotate it back on. Line up the ARROWS as shown!!! This is MMUUUCH easier than removing the back and plucking out a battery! Less than 48 hrs with the G5 that Sprint replaced my frozen G4. Much better batter life and fast charging!!
    paste address it is NOT a link

  4. So I had to purchase a new battery after having my Lg G5 for only 5 months. The battery that the phone originally came with would no longer hold a charge. I inserted the new battery, plugged it in to be charged, but all I’m getting is a outline picture of a battery with a flashing red question mark. It won’t turn off or on. Is there something I should be doing so it will charge?

    1. Stephanie, you may have a faulty battery. I’ve had a similar experience after ordering a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge some months ago. The removable battery was doing a looping effect when it reached 15%. I found out it was due to the battery; had the battery replaced and the problem went away. I’d say that the battery is the issue; get a replacement.

      Hope this helps.

  5. For the amount i need to remove my battery i dont see this as an inconvenience. I find it to come out easily and i think it goes back together even easier. Nice! Does feel like your going to break it it the first time you take it apart tho lol


  7. I found your “how too ” to be very easy. It was a little scary to just pull hard to get it out but putting the battery back in was a cinch,, I believe this battery is much easier than trying to take the back off of the phone. Just my opinion ,

  8. I wouldn’t trust an aftermarket battery to be that durable but that’s cool. It’s still great how my friends that have iphones carry a portable charger when their phones die and all I have to do is pop in a new charger and I’m back at 100%.

  9. Simple. Took all of 2 minutes. Now if I could get & receive all my texts, I’d be happy again. I think its a carrier issue.

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