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How to Stop the Samsung One UI Battery Drain on Your Galaxy S9, Note 9 and S10

One of the most important devices that almost everyone has is a mobile phone. It is one of the most necessary tool that helps and aids us in our daily living. We use it for work and for personal activities. It could also be used for entertainment purposes as well. It makes our lives comfortable and at the same time it is convenient. It is a tool that helps us connect to one another and at the same time it enables us to do things on the go. Though there are numerous advantages in having a mobile phone, there are also some situations when you could encounter that would provide you stress. In fact, one of the most frustrating and annoying situations when it comes to mobile phones is when its battery drains fast. As mobile phones are highly essential in our daily activities, it is important for you to ensure that this not happens to your Samsung phone.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9 or Galaxy S10 and you have noticed that your phone is experiencing fast battery drain after UI software update and you would want to learn how to fix it. You came to the right place. Through this article, you be able to find useful information about fixing Samsung One UI battery drain.

Here is a list of things you could do to fix the mentioned issue and how to prolong your battery life.

How to Stop the Samsung One UI Battery Drain on Your Galaxy S9, S10 and Note 9

Turn Off the Non-Essentials

If you are at home or at a place where you do not need any connectivity features, then, we suggest that you turn it off. Unfortunately, connectivity features such as Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and WiFi could drain your battery fast. Hence, you could prolong your mobile phone’s battery by just turning off the non-essentials.

Though this method does not apply to fixing One UI issue, it could make a huge difference in saving battery.

Device Care

On your Samsung device, you could find Device Care feature on its settings. Open this feature and on the drop down menu, select Auto Optimization. By selecting this option, all your non-essential apps will shut down. Though this is the case, the apps will still run in the background which could use up your battery. Do not worry as there is another feature that you could use on the Device Care function. You could use Auto Restart feature. If you choose this option, this feature, depending on your preference could run late at night or early in the morning when you would not use your phone. This feature would reboot your phone which would definitely improve your device’s battery life.

Battery Phone Mode

If you go to your battery option and power mode, you will find a list of 4 power saving settings which you could choose to help you save battery. The 4 power saving battery phone mode are high performance, optimized, medium power saving and maximum power saving.

Night Mode

You could select night mode of your Samsung device, it will help you save your battery through lowering the brightness of your Samsung device. This would also apply to your phone’s general theme and apps. You will be able to do this by selecting One UI’s night mode on the dropdown notification bar. You could also enable night modes on some of your apps such as Twitter, YouTube, etc. Keep in mind that the less power your screen is drawing the longer your battery will last.

Reduce Animations

To reduce animations of your Samsung device, all you have to do is go to settings and select advanced features. Select reduce animations. After doing this, any app that you will open will reduce its animations.


One UI update could cause your Samsung device’s battery to drain fast but through the methods provided in this article, for sure, you will be able to fix this issue. We hope that we were able to provide you useful information which you could use as a guide in stopping the Samsung One UI battery drain on your Galaxy S9, Note 9 and S10.

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