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How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller?

There are times when the system and controller of your PS4 malfunction. We understand how frustrating this could be especially when you do not know how to fix and solve the mentioned issues and/or malfunction. 

There are even times when you would even need to take apart your PS4 controller and in this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to take apart PS4 controller. 

How to Take Apart PS4 Controller

If you have decided to take apart your PS4 controller, then you must have identified the issue or problem of your PS4 controller. To be able to do and complete that task, you will have to remove the back plate and then disconnect the battery and remove the screws as well. Keep in mind on how you took apart your PS4 controller as you will have to reassemble it properly once you are done with repairing or replacing the parts of your PS4 controller. 

Reasons to take apart your PS4 controller

There are numerous reasons as to why you would need to take apart your PS4 controller. One of the main reasons is something liquid has spilled on it. By taking your controller apart, you could dry faster the internal parts. 

Another reason is that you would need to replace some parts that are or were damaged. There are also some gamers who would want to customize and make their controller look cool and amazing. 

No matter what the reason as to why you would need to take apart your controller, do not be afraid nor be intimidated of doing it. In fact, it is very easy to do. 

Steps in Taking Apart PS4 Dualshock Controller

  • Remove the backplate by removing the four screws on the back of the controller. 
  • Squeeze both handle parts on the controller
  • Apply force to the area below the home button 
  • Once the bottom is loose, pull back the back plate off
  • You will hear cracking noises, this is normal. Do not be afraid or anxious about it. They are just the sound of plastic clips being separated. 
  • Separate the plastic clips gently. They come with ribbon cables which are very fragile. 
  • Remove the ribbon cable from the main controller. 
  • Connect the light bar and main board together. 
  • Disconnect the battery. You would find another screw underneath the battery. Remove this one from the main board and remove the screws
  • Once the main board has loosen, push the buttons or analog sticks to pop it up.
  • Remove the ribbon cable that is connected to the touch pad
  • Remove it as it is connected to the front of the controller. 
  • Carefully remove the main board 
  • Dry or make repairs and you are good to go. 

Putting your PS4 Dualshock controller back together

To reassemble your Dualshock controller, you will just do as you have disassembled it in reverse. Once that you have done so, you could already use and play with your Dualshock controller. 


Is it possible for me to break my PS4 controller while disassembling or reassembling it?

Yes, unfortunately, there are possibilities of breaking your PS4 controller especially when you put it back together incorrectly. 

Isn’t it easier to purchase a new PS4 Dualshock controller rather than attempting to fix it?

This would depend on the preference of the user. If you could fix it, then, why spend one a new one right away?

Should I take apart my PS4 Dualshock controller if I have never taken apart anything before?

As you could have seen with the instructions provided above, it is relatively easy to disassemble your Dualshock controller. Do not be worried. It is easy to do and it is not very nerve-wrecking. 

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