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How To Transfer Music from Android to iOS

You’re a music lover, and must always have your music with you. Your first introduction to the world of mobile was an Android smartphone, but you’re now ready to brace yourself and go “to the dark side” of iOS. For whatever reason, your iPhone-toting friends have won you over to the other side, and there’s no turning back for you — that is, unless iOS proves unappealing and worse than what you left behind.

You must learn how to transfer music from Android to iOS if you hope to experience the same awesomeness that your Apple fan friends are always bragging about. Fortunately, it’s as simple as downloading an app called “Play Music” from the App Store.

how to transfer music from Android to iOS

The Play Music app, or what we like to call, the “how to transfer music from Android to iOS” app, is Google’s own way of helping Android fans carry their services to iOS upon buying an iPad or an iPhone. Preferences change, and some Android fans who start off as diehard “Googlers” who’d never contemplate leaving Android decide one day, now that Apple has improved its multitasking experience, to give iOS a try. Previously, if you searched for “how to transfer music from Android to iOS,” you’d get an answer similar to the following: take your SD card, fill it with your Google Play Music, and then place it in your MacBook laptop and download your music onto your laptop. Chrome, Google’s web browser, has been helpful in getting individuals to transfer their music from Android to iOS and iOS to Android, but it involves quite a few additional steps. Downloading the Google Play Music app, logging in, and then listening to your music is as easy as 1,2, 3!

how to transfer music from Android to iOS-2

Play Music will allow you to stream the music you’ve purchased, but you won’t be able to download new music from Google Play onto your iDevice; you’ll have to add it to Android, then transfer it over to your iDevice. At the same time, however, Google’s commitment to cross-platform compatibility means that you’re no longer restrained or held back from the music you love by way of companies that only want to keep a fence around them for profit’s sake.

Here’s something else to learn about how to transfer music from Android to iOS: make sure you have an excellent internet connection. Google prizes its services with a WiFi or cellular data internet connection. You won’t be able to even listen to most of your music offline, as Google has already decided which songs mandate an internet connection and which songs do not. But, transferring to iOS shouldn’t take too long.

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