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How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration on Mac

Mouse acceleration is a setting which could boost the performance of your mouse. It will be able to make your mouse move faster and could even give you a higher performance for certain applications. For gamers, this is usually very important. They often rely on mouse acceleration when it comes to active games. However, though there are some who would not need to use this type of technology, having a better working with better performance type of mice is very convenient and advantageous. It is wise to invest on one as well.

As mentioned earlier, though there are a lot of people who would appreciate this type of technology and settings, there are some who are not comfortable. If you are one of them, and you would wish to turn off the mouse acceleration feature on your Mac and do not know how to, you came to the right place. In this article, we shall provide you useful information which you could use before making a decision.

What is Mouse Acceleration?

Many Mac users are not really familiar nor aware of what mouse acceleration is. For some, mouse motion would feel weird when using this feature and though that is the case, you could easily get used to it.

Through mouse acceleration, your mouse driver will be able to analyze the movement of your mouse, your sensitivity settings, cursor movement, speed, distance and many more.

Moreover, through mouse acceleration, your mouse’s performance gets better in terms of speed. In short, your mouse would be directly proportional with your mouse movement.

Why Would You Disable Mouse Acceleration on Mac?

Mac mouse acceleration feature is similar wth Windows’ which is used to get a better screen value for actual movements. This means, if you are into gaming, this feature is perfect for you especially when you are playing fast paced, sensitive and intense type of game. Though this is the case, there are some users who are not used to this setting which could be the reason why you should learn how to turn off this setting – mouse acceleration on Mac.

With mouse acceleration, you will lose precision which is needed in drawing and other similar applications which use cursor. Though this is the case, you will still be able to get used to this setting. However, movements is difficult to anticipate and could even take you by surprise.

Is There a Disable Mouse Acceleration App for Mac?

Though there are numerous softwares which could enhance the features of your mouse and to disable it, all you have to do is to turn it off, there are several alternative script which could disable mouse acceleration app.

One useful script is known as killmouseaccel. This script was created by a well-known developer. Through this script, you will be able to disable the mouse acceleration feature. For you to be able to get the script for free, all you have to do is go to your terminal and ensure that you make it executable before you run it. Here are three commands you must know:

curl -0

chmod +x killmouseaccel

./killmouseaccel mouse

To go back, you will have to go to your system preferences option and find mouse and go to tracking slider. Then, you will have to reboot your device.

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration on Mac

To turn off your mouse acceleration feature on Mac is simple and pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to type in some commands to your terminal and for sure your mouse acceleration will stop or cease from running.

  • Open your device’s terminal
  • Type the command: defaults write .GlobalPreferences scaling -1
  • log out after typing the command

To reverse the command, you will have to change the value at the end. Hence, instead of -1, you could change it to 2 or 3 or 0.125.

If you wish to know your default value, you could type in the command:

defaults read .GlobalPreferences

Through learning your default value, you could just change the value of the command and log out and you are good to go.

How to Turn Off Through Preferences

This method is usual and common. What is more amazing about preference panels is that most of them are free and are designed by third parties. The only downside of using panels is that they often alter your actual setting but that is okay as you could just adjust it. You could also add sensitivity and even reduce it according to your preferences. You could also turn it off completely.

Turn It Off In Chrome

Chrome 88 comes with Pointer Lock API which allows you to be able to disable your mouse acceleration feature as well.


We hope that this article has provided you sufficient useful information which you could use as a guide on how to turn off your mouse acceleration feature of your Mac.

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