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How to Uninstall UltraSearch Engine from Chrome, Firefox, Safari

UltraSearch engine, unfortunately according to cyber professionals is categorized as a browser hijacker. A browser hijacker has the ability to change your browser’s settings as its default page, new tab page and start page without your approval. In short, UltraSearch Engine has the ability to take over your internet browser which means, it would force you to use unwanted website. In addition to that, it could also get personal information and data according to your browsing history.

Though having UltraSearch Engine on your computer might seem harmless, it is still important to be cautious as you could experience annoying and malicious advertisements which might lead you into malicious, dangerous and questionable apps or sites. This is the reason as to why we would suggest that you use trustworthy and reliable search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. In addition to that, UltraSearch Engine could also collect personal data which could be sold to third parties.

How Can A Browser Hijacker Get On Your Machine?

Unfortunately, browser hijackers could also infect Mac computers as it could attach to different free software which means you would need to be cautious whenever you are installing software which are downloaded from the internet. Ensure that you also read the terms and conditions. Moreover, we suggest that you choose only manual, advanced or custom setup option and turn off other modules and programs.

How to Remove UltraSearch Engine from Chrome, Firefox and Safari

There are many ways as to how you could remove UltraSearch Engine. However, there are instances when browser hijackers could only be removed manually which means, deleting them through the use of standard Apple Mac options would not be effective. Hence, for you to be able to remove UltraSearch Engine, you would need to accomplish and follow manual steps and use some removal tools such as MalwareBytes AntiMalware. This free software could scan and even delete UltraSearch Engine from your Mac

Remove UltraSearch Engine

  • Remove profiles which have been created by UltraSearch Engine
  • Uninstall UltraSearch Engine. This could be done through using the Finder
  • Remove UltraSearch Engine from Safari, Chrome and Firefox
  • Scan your Mac with MalwareBytes
  • Run AdBlocker to block UltraSearch Engine
  • Remove UltraSearch Engine related files and folders

Remove Profiles Created by UltraSearch Engine Using The Finder

  • Delete UltraSearch engine related files and folders manually.
  • For you to delete these files and folders, you will have to search for the files mentioned below by using the go to folder command.
    • /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.UltraSearchEngine.system.plist
    • ~/Library/LaunchAgent/com.UltraSearchEngine.servic.plist
    • /Library/ApplicationSupport/.(RANDOM)/System/com.UltraSearchEngine.system
    • ~Library/ApplicationSupport/.(RANDOM)/Services/

Keep in mind that these are not the only files that could be related to UltraSearch engine. There are several files which could be hidden to the user. Hence, for you to be able to ensure you find these hidden files, all you need to do is press CMD+SHIFT + . This command will show hidden files which would then allow you to delete them. Another way to show hidden files is through clicking Finder>Applications>Utilities>Terminal. Once you are at the terminal type defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES. Press enter and Press Option/Alt key and right click on the finder icon found on the dock. Click Relaunch.

Check for UltraSearch Engine Generated Files in the /Library/LaunchAgents Folder

  • Go to Folder
  • Type /Library/LaunchAgents
  • Once it opens, search for recently created files
  • Move all suspicious files such as, installapp.plist, com.mechelper.plist, search.plist, macsearch.plist, and com.ultrasearchengine.service.plist to Trash

Check for UltraSearch Engine Generated Files in the /Library/Application Support folder

  • Got to Folder
  • Type /Library/Application Support
  • Search for recently added/changed folders and files and names similar to com.UltraSearchEngine.system
  • Move all suspicious folders and files to Trash

Check for UltraSearch Engine Generated Files in the ~/Library/LaunchAgents Folder

  • Go to Folder
  • Type ~/Library/LaunchAgents
  • Look for suspicious files and move them to Trash

Check for UltraSearch Engine Generated Files in the /Library/LaunchDaemons Folder

  • Go to Folder
  • Type /Library/LaunchDaemons
  • Look for suspicious files and move them to Trash

Scan Your Mac with MalwareBytes

  • Download the latest version of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) for Mac OS.
  • Close all software
  • Open windows on your Mac
  • Run the downloaded file
  • Follow the instructions
  • Click on the scan button to search for UltraSearch Engine browser hijacker
  • Once the results are shown, review them
  • Check the files which you would like to quarantine
  • Close the AntiMalware

Remove UltraSearch Engine from Safari, Chrome and Firefox

Google Chrome

  • Click on three vertical dots
  • Go to more tools
  • Go to extensions
  • Click remove to uninstall extension
  • Click remove again


  • Select preferences
  • Select extensions
  • Click uninstall button next to it

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click Menu button
  • Select add-ons
  • Go to Extensions
  • Click remove button next to it

Run AdBlocker to block UltraSearch Engine and Stay Safe Online

  • Download AdGuard
  • Run the downloaded file
  • Once you see the setup wizard, follow the instructions
  • Once installation is done, click skip to close the program and use its default settings
  • AdGuard will automatically run and stop unwanted advertisements.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information which you could use as a guide in uninstalling UltraSearch Engine from Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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