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How to Unlock a Samsung Refrigerator

With technology and innovation being developed regularly, advancement is not surprising neither is appliances turning into smart technology. In fact, refrigerators now come with control panels which could be used with apps. 

One of the leading brand appliances is Samsung and one of their most bought and most popular products is their refrigerator. 

In this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to unlock your Samsung Refrigerator and useful information which you could use to help you learn more about this product. 

How to Unlock a Samsung Refrigerator

To unlock Samsung refrigerator, you will have to hold its buttons – door alarm button for about 3 seconds. You will also be able to unlock it through the use of an app on your phone. Through this method, you will be able to control the dispenser lock, control lock and the child lock. 

Unlocking Your Samsung Fridge

Unlocking and locking the three lock settings on your Samsung refrigerator is very important to know and the good news is through this article, we shall learn several methods on how to do this. 

Automatic Control Lock

This is the most commonly used lock. Its lock could be activated automatically. This is used to ensure that the control panel’s settings will not be changed accidentally. 

Control panel is a very important setting of a Samsung refrigerator. Hence, understanding what it does is very important. 

To be able to unlock your automatic control lock, all you have to do is to hold down the door alarm button found on your control panel for about three seconds. 

By unlocking your control panel, you will be able to adjust the settings of your control panel. Keep in mind that if you do not change or do anything on your control panel for 60 seconds, it will automatically lock. 

Dispenser Locks

This type of lock is more complicated than the control panel lock. In fact, you would find that each and every Samsung refrigerator differ when it comes to the method of locking your dispensers. 

For Refrigerators with Lock Button Next to The Dispenser Icon

  • Press the button three times within 10 seconds. This will lock or unlock your dispensers.
  • Light of the lock button will light up when the dispensers are locked
  • To unlock, do the same process. 

For Refrigerators that are Connected to Samsung Family Hub

  • You will need to lock/unlock them through an app on the panel
  • Go to Fridge Manager app 
  • Select Fridge settings
  • Tap on the Lock Icon 

Child Locks

Having small children could mean that your refrigerator would constantly be opened and closed. Hence, to keep your fridge cold and closed, having a child lock setting is very convenient. 

To activate or deactivate the child lock on your Samsung fridge, all you have to do is hold down the Ice Maker off button for about three seconds. A musical sound will be heard when it is activated or deactivated. 

Why Would You Want to Lock Your Samsung Refrigerator 

As mentioned earlier, most refrigerators now have turned into smart technology. This means, they mostly are equipped with a control panel which allows you to adjust the settings of your fridge. However, there are instances when this could accidentally be changed which makes it annoying. 

Moreover, if you have children, you would want to keep your fridge close most of the time and this could be challenging especially when your children have the tendency to keep opening your fridge’s door. 

You might want to have a dispenser lock as well. This means when it is activated, no one will be able to get ice or water from your fridge which means it would decrease the amount of wastage. 


What is the difference between the Child Lock and Dispenser Lock?

Both locks have the ability to disengage ice and water dispensers. However, child lock would also lock the control panel as well. 

Why Does the Automatic Control Lock Automatically Engage?

This is to ensure that it would not be accidentally changed.  

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