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How to use a smartphone in a car

To date, buying a car is no surprise to anyone. For some, this is an opportunity to show their financial well-being and success, while for others it is just a convenient way to travel. In that case, if you like something unusual and stylish, then the modern car market is able to satisfy the most refined taste and realize the wildest dreams. Of course, buying a luxury car will hit your budget. However, there is a good alternative, for example, you can rent lambo Dubai for a pretty little money. Thus, you can test luxury car before buying or enjoy a comfortable ride. And the polite staff will help you decide on the choice and will pick up a car according to your preferences.

If you are planning to rent a car while on vacation abroad, then we recommend that you read the article. Here you will find tips on what you need to know about using a car outside your country.

Features of a mobile phone 

Modern cars are already quite advanced in terms of technology. Nevertheless, scientists and developers are making efforts every day to move forward even more and make cars as good as possible. However, today an indispensable assistant for a car is a mobile phone, which allows you to use various functions necessary for the car owner.

Acceleration measurement 

Having your own car, it is difficult to give up fast driving and fast acceleration. A smartphone is quite a suitable tool for measuring these parameters. It measures its performance not on data from a GPS receiver, but from an acceleration sensor. The GPS receiver has extremely low accuracy for these tasks and a huge error. 

How does the measurement happen? Calibration must be performed before starting. Fixing the result will start automatically with the start of the movement. One of the important rules in this case is not to hold a smartphone in your hands. The smartphone must be rigidly fixed in the cradle! At the end of the measurements, the program saves the result and can show the final graph.

Dashboard camera

The dashcam is quite a necessary and useful tool nowadays. However, not everyone agrees with this, so there are those who need it only from time to time. A great solution to this is various dashcam applications. They are coping with their primary duties perfectly. Time, coordinates and speed can be superimposed on the video. There is also a function for recognizing road signs: speed limits, pedestrian crossings, “give way”, prohibition of overtaking, prohibition of stopping and parking. If necessary, the application displays warnings, for example, if you stopped in the area of the “stop and parking is prohibited” sign or accelerated strongly before a pedestrian crossing.

However, it is worth considering one important thing: the phone’s camera is not designed to work in backlight, so on sunny days all functions related to the camera will not work satisfactorily.

Auto Lawyer

There are various applications for today in case you have problems with a traffic police officer. The application contains step-by-step instructions and scenarios for communicating with traffic police inspectors in case of traffic violations or disputes. It may also contain comments on the preparation of protocols, various background and related information, including the amount of fines and other educational measures.

Where is my car parked

It often happens that there is not enough Parking space, and then you are forced to park your car somewhere far from the place of arrival or at home. And then you can’t remember where your iron horse is. If this happens quite often in your life, we recommend downloading an application to determine the location of your car. 

The application usually has the following options: remember the current location and show the remembered location on the map along with your current one. In addition, in some applications, you can add photos and notes to the marks, for example, the number of a parking space and a floor in a multistorey parking lot.

Auto diagnostics

Connecting the phone to the car’s OBD2 connector allows the mobile phone to serve as an on-board computer, diagnostic device and navigation system. To be able to use a mobile phone as an on-board computer and diagnostic device, you must connect it via Bluetooth or WLAN to the OBD-2 connector.

This is not the whole list of mobile phone features. You can find out even more chips here. 

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