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How to Use Eunseo Bot? Bot Commands Explained

Discord is a popular application which comes with multiple bots. It includes the useful tool, Eunseo bot commands which falls under the category of custom bots. In fact, through this custom bot you will be able to use its command even when you are on Discord. For you to be able to use this, all you will need to do is to follow the steps below:

  • On the invite button, select the server where you would want to locate the bot
  • Enable all permissions which are needed for that bot
  • Fill in the captcha

Discord is a platform which gamers spend a lot of time on. However, those who are just new to the platform could be confused and would not know how to use the Eunseo bot commands. Through Eunseo bot commands, you will be able to enjoy features such as Gacha game, soloist and K-pop group. So if you are a K-pop fan, you are in luck as through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to use commands of Eunseo bot.

How to Use Eunseo Bot Command

Discord comes with a lot of bot commands which allows you to enjoy and play music and mini-games. As mentioned earlier, you could use Eunseo bot which is assigned and related to K-pop groups and solo singers. Moreover, what is amazing about this bot is it brings players new events and challenges.

  • On Discord, go to the Invite button
  • Select a server where you would want to locate the bot
  • Enable all permissions
  • Fill in the captcha box

Four Basic Actions

  • Get Gacha Cards
  • Collecting Gems
  • Complete Groups
  • Trade and buy cards

Eunseo Bot Command Features

  • It allows you to collect gems which means players will be allowed to buy new customized cards and new items
  • You will be able to manage your inventories and customize it
  • When you are able to complete idols and eras, you will be able to have a rare group of legendary cards.
  • You could lead in the game through the mentioned legendary cards
  • You will be able to unlock special events

Daily Commands

/wwork command
/workused for claiming 100 gens in each 20 minutes
/votecollect 500 gems after seeing an ad
/dailyclaim 500 gems for every 20 hours
/CDstime remaining for /daily, /vote. /work command
/questsee quests for gems or peanuts

Gacha Commands

/gachapull 1 to 10 cards
/fav cardsmake some cards as your favorite with card ID
/invto see your or other inventory
/fav lastto make the last pull card your favorite
/unfavdelete cards from your favorite list
/burn allburn every non-favorite card in the inventory

Trading Commands

/AUCCheck specific auctions
/sell cardssell cards with Card IDs
/sell lastlast pulled card for auction
/bidto bid on an available card
/addto add a card to the trade
/buyto buy inventory expansions
/redeemto redeem premier membership

Utility Commands

/rulesfor you to be able to check the bot rules
/eventfor you to be able to see the future and present events
/profilefor you to see profile details
/helpallows you to open the quick help guide
/lotteryallows you to check upcoming lottery events
/opengiftopen gift upon finishing groups, idols and eras
/profile new_bioallows you to add profile bio
/profile user:for you to be able to check particular Discord IDs or Eunseo profiles

How to Fix Eunseo Bot Not Working Issue?

If you are encountering some problems with Eunseo bot, this could be due to two possible reasons and they are:

  • Poor internet connection
  • There is a bot server outage

To fix the issue of Eunseo Bot not working, you will need to check if your internet connection is stable and good. If not, you will might need to find and switch to another network. You might also need to reboot your router to ensure you get a stronger internet connection.

If you do not have any internet connection problems, then you will have to contact the Eunseo bot support community server. By doing so, you will be able to check the status of your Eunseo bot. Keep in mind, that there could be a possibility where the Eunseo bot could be offline or there could be a server outage.


How do I set bot commands?

  • Open team
  • Navigate to the apps option which could be found on the left panel
  • Select it
  • Navigate to the page of apps
  • Search developer portal
  • Select the open option

What are the commands for the virtual diner bot?

  • Guilds: Prefix
  • Economy: daily, money, tip
  • Information: apply, discord, appeal, botinfo, invite, help, ping, website, rules
  • Ordering: feedback, order, my order, cancel the order

How do you AFK spam in Discord?

  • Go to channel list
  • Select name of the server
  • Go to Overview meu
  • Search for inactive Channel option
  • Select an existing voice channel from the drop down menu

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