HP Unveils the world’s thinnest Laptop

Portability just like perfomance has become an important feature in laptops. Different manufacturers are constantly trying to compete out each other with the most portable and powerful laptops. To serve this market, Dell introduced XPS 13 while Apple has a 12-inch MacBook. The two and others fall in the most portable laptops in the world cartegory. As of now, HP has unveiled the thinnest laptops of all, making it one of the most mobile in the world.

The Spectre is 10.4mm thick and weighs 1.1kg. It is thicker than the 12-inch Mac by 0.11 inches, thicker than MacAir by 0.27 inches and thicker than Dell XPS 13 by 0.18 inches. It is also thinner than the recently launched Razer Blade Stealth by 0.11 inches. The Spectre is definitely the thickest but not the lightest. It is 100g heavier than the 12-inch MacBook.

HP has fitted the thinnest laptop with fore Core i5 and i7 chips instead of the typical Intel Core M processor that would achieve such a thin design. Mostly likely, the chips are i5-6300U and i7-6500U, which are stronger than the equivalent Core M5 and Core M7 but not the most powerful in the Intel range. The laptop is more of a general purposes model with a nine-hour battery life and a 13-inch HD 1920 * 1080-resolution display.

HP noted that it has managed to squeeze this amount of power into the chassis by use of Intel-developed Hyperbaric cooling, a system that was introduced last year on Dell’s Vostro business laptops. The system ensures a steady intake of fans that sucks ambient temperature air into and through the laptops as opposed to ejecting hot air from the laptop. The system helps to minimize overheating on such a powerful device.

The laptop has three USB type-C ports that are all located at the rear. Two of these are compatible Thunderbolt 3.0 for super-fast data transfer from display and docks. The laptop has also been fitted with 8GB RAM, 802.11ac WI-FI, and super-fast PCI-E- based SSDs. The exterior is a copper sheen that will appeal individuals who prefer gold or jewelry gadget

The Spectre has not been fitted with any hybrid feature, the way many companies usually do. For instance, some include screens that can detach from the keyboard or turn and twist to function as a tablet. Spectre main selling points are the premium design and it’s simplicity. It will be available for pre-order on April 25 for $1,169 before it hits Best Buy stores on May 22 for $1,249.99.

Featured image credit: techinsider

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