HTC 10 struts its stuff once more, front and back panels shown

The HTC 10 has shown itself before in black photos, but we now have two new photos of the HTC 10 that have been leaked via social media. Both photos arrive this time compliments of @tanalibera, a leakster that may either be starting his or her career or has been in the shadow for a number of years. The leakster’s name isn’t all that familiar when stacked up against the likes of Evan Blass (@evleaks), @upleaks, or some others.

Both photos leaked reveal the front and back of the photo (collectively), with the back cover displaying the LED flash, circular camera ring, and the famous “HTC” branding we’ve seen on the HTC One M7, M8, and M9. The white lines across the top and bottom of the back cover, that are now seemingly a part of Apple’s iPhone design, are still intact.HTC 10 back cover

HTC 10 front display

The front HTC 10 photo shows the time in large font (a trademark of the HTC Evo days), in addition to the lava wallpaper and usual HTC icon design, so nothing new in the way of icon design. The photo shows that the city of “Beijing” has been placed in the weather app, so we can only assume the photos hail from China. As for the bottom of the display, we see the usual back and task buttons, but what some may view as the “absence” of the HTC 10 home button may actually prove to be the most interesting part of the device. We said some time ago that HTC may intend to do more of a capacitive sensor for the home button instead of a physical one, and the fact that it doesn’t stick out (as a normal physical home button would) in this showing indicates that the home button may not resemble Samsung’s own but may instead be akin to something that OnePlus has created in the OnePlus 2.

We have nothing else shown to us, but @tanalibera does use the “Power of 10” hashtag along with tagging a few renown leaksters in the business: @evleaks @LlabTooFeR @OnLeaks. This indicates that the person responsible for leaking these photos is looking for some type of recognition from those who know (showing that @tanalibera hasn’t been around for very long). Incidentally enough, @OnLeaks requests a valid source from @tanalibera in his Twitter response.

In any case, the tanalibera leaks match those we’ve seen from OnLeaks and @evleaks regarding the HTC 10, so we see no reason to discredit them or consider them suspect. The HTC 10, codenamed “Perfume,” is getting ever closer to market, considering all the photo leaks that we’ve already seen. We’ve got no new confirmations or changes to report regarding the specs and features, but we’ll continue to update HTC 10 news as we get it.


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