HTC 10 website order brings high-resolution audio earphones with rich sound

The HTC 10, for many, will need to be ordered from, the company’s own phone ordering website. If you’re the type to buy your phone outright, or you don’t want to lock yourself into phone installments, buying from the company website is the way to go. And yet, some AT&T customers won’t think the best of HTC for forcing their hand in the matter. Well, a new report shows that ordering from HTC may just be the best thing any customer could do.

Tech site PhoneArena has uncovered HTC’s own promise of a new set of high-resolution earphones in the box to match the company’s improved audio sound (that many feared wouldn’t be of BoomSound quality when the HTC 10 came to market). These high-resolution audio earphones “feature an 8-micrometer thin aerospace-grade polymer diaphragm and 70% oversized drivers to pump out richer sound across twice the frequency range,” the company says. Here, HTC is giving HTC 10 buyers great audio headphones to go with their new smartphone that has improved upon BoomSound.

Yet, keep in mind that these high-resolution earphones won’t come to carrier-locked HTC 10 buyers, so it appears as though the deal is only for HTC 10 website buyers who go directly through HTC: “Inbox accessories may vary from country to country. Please check with an authorized retailer or operator for availability,” HTC says, reminding us that carrier deals are always hard to come by with certain good treats.

HTC’s decision to bypass AT&T still has no known reason, though some seem to believe that HTC did it in order to avoid AT&T’s carrier apps that are known for bloating what could be for some an excellent experience with HTC’s Sense 8.0. Of course, Verizon has its own carrier apps it adds to its smartphones, and the HTC 10 will still go to Verizon (so carrier bloat isn’t the reason).

Perhaps the reason behind the HTC 10 boycott of AT&T has a lot to do with price. After all, it’s no secret that AT&T customers pay more for high-end Android handsets than customers at any other carrier in the US. Usually, whenever Samsung launches a Galaxy S device such as the Galaxy S7, most carriers charge around $700-$750 for the device. AT&T has always charged $815-$820 for such devices with a two-year agreement, which means that, whereas the HTC 10 may cost $33 a month with Verizon, it would likely cost $45 a month with AT&T. HTC may want to keep costs down while still making a profit for itself, so eliminating AT&T as a potential seller here may do the company some good at the finish line.


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