HTC ONE E8 EYE spotted in a listing

HTC recently started a new segment of smartphones including the HTC Desire EYE, HTC RE Camera and also launched a new EYE Experience camera software for the new EYE smartphone and the RE Camera. HTC also launched their new HTC ONE M8 EYE in selected markets where the 4MP duo camera is replaced with a 13MP duo camera. All these signs points towards one thing that soon the cheaper version of HTC ONE M8 known as E8 which is made up of plastic will also be getting the EYE Experience camera software.

Looks like HTC ONE E8 is going to get the EYE Experience camera software as the smartphone was spotted in India while making a field testing transaction and was caught by Zauba, which is a tracking website for Indian import and export. The smartphone will be available in two colors including grey and silver and will cost around $445 though the normal HTC ONE E8 costs around $520. We don’t know why the EYE version of HTC ONE E8 is cheaper than the normal version but it does not mean that the retail price for the refreshed EYE version of HTC ONE E8 will be priced lower.

HTC ONE E8 is already equipped with a 13MP camera so we shouldn’t expect any changes in the smartphone other than the new EYE software that includes a lot of good EYE camera features like Split Capture, Crop-Me-In, the ability to keep up to 4 people in focus and many more.

HTC was keeping it low till now after the downward fall they faced with their smartphones but looks like the company has gained its confidence again by launching a new segment of smartphones that are targeted towards customers who like to talk a lot of selfies. What do you think about the new segment would you get an HTC EYE smartphone?

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