HTC One M10 name confirmed by way of drop-down survey list

It’s March 2016, and HTC has yet to release a high-end flagship for the year. Last year at MWC 2015 (March 1st), HTC announced the HTC One M9, but there was no such luck this year; instead, Samsung (Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge) and LG (G5) ruled the conference. There was no word at MWC 2016 on the HTC One M10 (the presumed successor to the One M9), but we now have some new confirmation of the upcoming smartphone from the Taiwanese smartphone maker by way of a drop-down survey list provided by HTC. Under the list of devices (HTC Magic, Maple, Merge, One (E8), One (M8), One Max, One A9, One E9, and One E9+, to name a few), the “HTC One M10” moniker is listed.

Now, we presumed there’d be an HTC One M10, since HTC doesn’t look ready to abandon the high-end flagship that has given the company some success (with its metal unibody), but at this point, we now have an official piece of tangible evidence to confirm the phone’s existence. While we now get a taste for the name, which points to the phone’s existence, keep in mind that the phone already exists as a prototype and is being tested. Usually, HTC would make an announcement by summer, so May could be a month in which we see the HTC One M10 unveiled.

The earliest evidence we have about the HTC One M10 is that it isĀ codenamed “Perfume,” and that the device would launch with Android 6.1 Marshmallow (an OS update that we haven’t yet seen with Android; we’ve only seen up to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow). Rumors state that the HTC One M10 will launch with a 12MP back camera, metal unibody, and some new camera technology (though undefined at this point).


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