HTC One M10 to become HTC 10

The HTC One M10 has a name that sounds a bit too on the wordy side. After all, “HTC One” just doesn’t resonate with consumers when you consider that HTC released a One M7, One M8, and One M9 (and now seems to be ready to release another version this year). The fact that HTC named it “One” with a letter and number after it shows that the company simply didn’t deliberate carefully about naming the device. When you name devices with letters and numbers, chances are few will remember it (although Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and now, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will resonate with consumers for years to come). In HTC’s case, though, it has a smartphone with a metal unibody that just doesn’t stand out anymore. After all, a number of smartphones can come with a metal unibody. That’s nothing new when it comes to hardware design.

Well, according to some reliable leaksters, the HTC One M10 may just be the “HTC 10” when the Taiwanese phone maker announces it and it comes worldwide. Evan Blass, a.k.a @evleaks (who works for VentureBeat) wrote on his Twitter wall earlier today, “You heard it here first: “HTC 10.” OnLeaks (from tech site responded on his Twitter wall with the new phone name as a hashtag: “#HTC10,” right beside the company’s name (#HTC). The photo he supplied shows the model number “HTC 10” on the phone list, leading many to believe that the “One” moniker may be removed completely.

Removing the “One” moniker makes sense, considering that HTC is trying to sell its flagship as the “One” you should buy. Unfortunately, continuing to sell more and more models of “the One” lead many to believe that the One M7, One M8, and even One M9 aren’t enough to prevent HTC from having to make more smartphones. With that said, bringing the moniker “HTC 10” doesn’t make sense at all either, particularly because HTC needs to get away from using just numbers. The company needs to brainstorm and create a unique name for its high-end series. Samsung decided to name its series “Galaxy,” which shows the company’s creative side. Apple named its device “iPhone,” which is nothing other than a compound word of “internet” and “phone” (so the iPhone is nothing but an internet phone, nothing magical about the name), but it sticks in the minds of consumers.

LG is no different with its series, because it named the series “Optimus G” but then dropped the “Optimus” from the series label. Now, it’s “G2,” “G3,” “G4,” and “G5.” LG has yet to come up with a name that’ll grip consumers. HTC can’t seem to come up with one either, but I’d dare say that the “One M” moniker sounded better than “GX” with a number behind the letter. And yet, the name HTC 10 just sounds as though HTC didn’t even try this year. Of course, the company wants to get rid of “One” because it doesn’t make sense in light of multiple smartphones (“one” should be singular, not plural), but finding a gripping name that weighs on the minds of consumers is a task with which HTC needs to spend more time.

The company says that it intends to work hard on the HTC 10 to make the phone the one that you’ll want, but we hope that “HTC 10” isn’t the final name of what could be a good smartphone.

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