HTC One M8 to receive Android Marshmallow, Bluetooth Certification Detected

HTC hasn’t been on anyone’s favorite list as of late, and with the company not trying to keep the pace with Google and Samsung on security updates, calling them “unrealistic,” the company has been honest but it isn’t well-taken. When it comes to Android Marshmallow, however, few consumers want excuses from their Android manufacturer. Instead, they want quick, fast updates that look good and run smooth on their devices. Although implied more so than stated, Android consumers feel that they pay for fast updates on their devices. No manufacturer has ever attested to this, that its customers pay for updates to Android Marshmallow, but consumers demand updates anyway — even if their device costs, say, $99.

A new Bluetooth SIG certification shows that HTC is preparing the Android Marshmallow update for its One M8 users. The document was created on September 22, 2015, and was listed on October 28, 2015. “Android 6.0” is mentioned, which refers to the number of the Android Marshmallow update, so we should hear something about this update soon.

We’ve not yet heard when HTC will get out Android Marshmallow to One M9 users, although HTC aims to release the update soon. As for when One M8 users can expect the new update, we’re not sure. The Taiwanese manufacturer hasn’t given too many clues, but manufacturers are doing all they can to outpace the others. LG tried to get the Android Marshmallow out starting in Poland a few weeks ago, but was then forced to recall the update due to technical issues. Motorola just announced its Droid Turbo 2 (a.k.a. Moto X Force worldwide, and Droid Maxx 2), but neither of these devices run Marshmallow but, instead, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Of course, Motorola’s transition to now being a Lenovo company hasn’t helped vanilla Android fans keep their confidence in the company too much, but not releasing Marshmallow for its newest devices is even more upsetting. Google pushed out Marshmallow on October 5th, meaning that it may be too early to expect the update from Android OEMs at the moment. Sony is trying out Marshmallow on a few users, but it seems as though Android OEMs are simply pushing out updates too quickly in an effort to say, “We care about the things you care about.” That may cause trouble down the road, though.

HTC One M8 Android Marshmallow bluetooth certification


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