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iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Mini Review

The IDevices Kitchen Thermometer Mini is a Bluetooth powered technology that measures the temperature in your oven and sends relevant notifications on your iOS or Android app. Cost-efficient and functional, this simple device will give you some freedom while cooking.

Thermometer Mini Features

IDevices Mini is compatible with Android phones (OS 4.3 and older) and iOS devices (OS 7 and older). It is a very cheap smart thermometer that can come in handy in any kitchen.

Even though the thermometer does not seem like much, it is still a handy tool sending alerts to your mobile over Bluetooth. Its reach, however, is just 150 feet – yet, for some apartments it seems enough. In any case, you do not have to keep running to the kitchen every five minutes.

The setup is painless and will not take more than two minutes. You just have to install the required app, enable your Bluetooth, and turn on the thermometer. They pair instantly.

It is up to you to program the temperature you need. The app will show you your current temperature status – when the oven starts cooking, a sensor alert in your app will be green. When the temperature is up to 15 degrees within the programmed target, the sensor turns yellow; within 5 degrees – orange. Red will let you know that the cooking is over.

The actual thermometer lightens up when you are within 10 feet from it. When you leave the kitchen, the lights fade away – a wise move, especially given that the battery capacity is very limited.


It is a very cheap device that offer functional remote control. Sensor work is glitch free. Plus, the app has plenty of useful presets for cooking a wide range of dishes, including meat, fish, vegetables, etc.


The battery in the thermometer is tiny, so it quickly runs out of power. The app could have been user-friendlier, as it does not guarantee intuitive navigation. The thermometer also leaves some room for the improvement. It is very basic and does not have a probing function. Bluetooth reach is also rather limited.


The thermometer itself does have any extraordinary features. It is the simplest, the most basic thing that can be purchased at a far cheaper price. The complete product, though, is quite satisfactory and can be prove very helpful. It is definitely worth its 40$.

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