iFixit teardown shows Galaxy S6 Edge difficult to repair

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was unveiled last month along with Samsung’s latest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S6. Today, the team at iFixit, who is famous for tearing down gadgets to know how easy it is to repair them and also to check what is under the hood, has gotten their hands on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and took it apart to see what tech Samsung has used with its new device.

There is a trend in latest gadgets, especially smartphones that they are becoming difficult to repair as the technology is advancing. Same is the case with the Galaxy S6 Edge. According to iFixit, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is even harder to repair than Galaxy S6 which they tested few days ago.

The all-glass back of Galaxy S6 Edge is the first difficult hurdle to cross when opening the device. Since there are no screws on it, so it is very difficult to open it using sharp edged cards or something like a guitar pin. Inside the device, another major problem is the housing of the battery is lies deep beneath the mother. So it means that if the battery is damaged by any reason, the device has to be ripped apart totally to replace this unit which is buried behind layer upon layer of different components.

iFixit gave Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a repairability score of 3/10 which is pretty bad overall. It is still not clear why the new smartphones are harder to repair when the technology is evolving at such high pace. Maybe it is time for modular smartphones to enter the smartphone industry in order to make things easier for end users.

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