How to Improve Your Remote Workforce

The traditional workplace has evolved, and we are now relying on technology and innovation to help employees adapt. COVID-19 may have pushed us into the digital world quicker than we expected, but remote work is here to stay. 

Are you managing a remote team? Are you looking for ways to streamline your daily processes? With a few simple changes, your team can be more productive.

Read on for our top tips for improving your remote workforce.

Get the Right Tools

When you work in a face-to-face office, your team has the benefit of instant communication. They can ask questions, seek clarification and make changes as required. Shifting to new work arrangements does present obstacles, but these can be overcome with the right tools.

For example, you can optimize your remote workforce with cloud-based software. To be successful, look for solutions that can track progress, monitor staff productivity, manage customers and prepare reports. This will help you create clear goals and flag areas for improvement. 

Talk, Talk, Talk

Communication is essential in any workplace, but even more so in a virtual one. While you should check in with your team regularly, you should also be mindful that you are communicating effectively. For example, we rely more on e-mail, but inboxes are overflowing and crucial information may be missed. Plus, e-mails can be overwhelming and impersonal. 

We recommend mixing it up with different forms of communication such as video chat and instant messaging. Remember, when you do have meetings, keep them short and sweet as your employees will appreciate time away from the computer. 

If you need to allocate tasks, give your team notice and seek clarification to ensure they understand what is expected. Talking is essential, but so is listening.

Have a Plan

You can improve your remote workforce by having a clear plan. Let your staff know what is required, including timelines and goals. You may like to use project management software to visually plan and track tasks while allocating work to members of your team.

You can break up your plans into daily, weekly and monthly projects. This will help your staff plan their time and prioritize tasks. If you are organized, your workforce will be, too.

Be a Team Player

Now is not the time to rule with an iron fist. If you want to improve your remote workforce, you will need to be understanding. Everyone is adjusting to the new dynamics, and some of your staff may even be juggling homeschool and other commitments.

Trust in your team, and try to come up with compromises if they are having difficulties. For example, you could offer fewer hours or flexible schedules including nights and weekends. Try not to micromanage them; instead, provide clear guidelines and timelines. When your team feels as though you are supporting them, they will feel valued and motivated.

Improving Your Remote Workforce

With more companies transitioning to remote work arrangements, there can be ups and downs. It is possible to improve productivity with software, good communication and understanding.

Plan in advance and try to be flexible with scheduling and work hours. When your team is happy it will have a positive impact on morale, and your customers will benefit. The pandemic may have forced us into new work environments, but many of these changes will last well into the future.

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