5 Instagram Bio Ideas to Attract Customers

With well over a billion active users across the globe, Instagram ranks high among the most popular social media platforms. Indeed, social media marketing is a powerful tool, and every day, brands in different industries use the image-heavy platform for marketing to potential clients and their Instagram followers.

The first thing users will do when they come across your Instagram profile is look at your bio. A short bio serves as an introduction to what you are about and what offerings anyone can expect from your business.

What to Include 

A good Instagram bio comprises the following.

  • Name: Your business or brand name is a must for your Instagram business account. The name will help your target audience to easily find you, not just on Instagram but also across all platforms.
  • Profile Picture: Using your brand logo as the profile picture on your Instagram account is always a great idea. It promotes brand recognition and recall. Thus, if you are the brand, your personal Instagram account will do just fine. In this case, you can always use your selfie or a picture with some swag for the perfect Instagram bio.
  • Description: Give your target audience a glimpse into who you are and what you are about as a brand. As such, your mission statement would be a great feature in the description bit of your Instagram bio.
  • Link(s): Include a link to the landing page or any other page on your website.
  • Call to Action (CTA): A great Instagram bio is a powerful tool for Instagram marketing. Craft a CTA with a link in bio to your contact information page, online shop, or follow button.
  • Hashtags: Branded hashtags that are relevant to your specific brand, and industry, are great identifiers, like your brand name.

5 Instagram Ideas for Your Brand

In 150 characters, you can craft your bio to create a great first impression, stand out from other brands, and, most importantly, attract prospective clients. Equally important is that you pay attention to formatting, which includes selecting the right font and using line breaks.

From cute and funny to being creative, there are plenty of Instagram bio examples by real brands from which you can get some inspiration and use as templates. As a result, edit your profile and optimize it based on the following best Instagram bio ideas for the best results.

1. Funny Bio

Make it hilarious and fun. A lightheaded and funny bio poking fun at your brand, your offerings, or even your target audience will always stand out. Actually, funny Instagram bios create a great impression, especially if you are looking to have that as your brand tone. Likewise, you can maintain that fun tone in what you feature on your Instagram story, and all your Instagram posts as well as on other social media handles and blogs.

2. Instagram Bio Quotes

Add a line from a poem, or song, a phrase someone said, with or without a twist to it, and you have a cool Instagram bio. Your followers will connect with this bio, and it is always an amazing way to express your ideas. Of course, be sure to give credit.

3. Creative Instagram Bio

Clever puns will land well with the right audience. These puns are a great creative trick and will undoubtedly help you stick out from the rest of the Insta-crowd. Similarly, you can use the emoji-heavy trick, like Wendy’s, to create cute Instagram bios. Indeed, emojis are very eye-catching and can attract users to your brand profile. In a word, you can use emojis without worrying about it hurting the credibility of your brand.

4. Focus on Mission

A great option among Instagram bio ideas is to go with the factual approach. In other words, get straight to the point by sharing your brand’s values and mission. This approach works exceptionally well because it attracts users by informing them exactly what you stand for as a brand. Today’s customer likes to stay informed and is very big on transparency.

5. Heavy on the Hashtags

Use hashtags and Instagram captions to highlight so much about your brand. You can pass along information about your history and story, as well as what you offer, with a few hashtags on your bio. In fact, social media influencers use this hashtag-heavy trick all the time, and it can also work for your brand if you use it well in your bio and Instagram feed.

For All to See

Take highlights from your Instagram bio and use them on your outdoor digital signage display. With the right message, these outdoor displays can help to attract customers and extend your outreach.

In the end, what Instagram bio ideas will work for you, depends on who you are as a brand and your target audience. Of course, you can always edit your bio often and attract more customers.

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