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For coffee lovers, having a great cup of coffee makes or breaks one’s day and it is said for a cup to be considered as great, it should be made of fresh, roasted and ground premier coffee beans. Anything less would be considered as something that is made of lesser quality. With this type of mentality, manufacturers and producers continue to improve all types of coffee especially the instant coffee to adhere to one’s expectations, taste and until they were able to produce ingredients with high quality great tasting beans at an affordable price.

Top Instant Coffees of 2018

1. Clasico Nescafe Instant Coffee

Nescafe has been a popular household coffee favorite for years and of course, the Clasico Nescafe Instant Coffee is one of it. This coffee is made of pure dark roast coffee beans and has no added additives. Coffee drinkers love this brand due to its bold rich flavor. It does not require a coffee machine to prepare which makes it easy to prepare. However, this coffee leaves stain and residue at the bottom of the cup.

2. G7 Instant Coffee

If you need a coffee that has it all, the G7 instant coffee is highly recommended. This product comes with coffee, sugar and non-dairy creamer all in one. It is a favorite of travelers and coffee lovers in Southeast Asia due to its coffee on the go theme packaging.

This coffee is suggested as an alternative for cappuccino and could be made into iced coffee. Also unlike other coffees, the G7 does not leave any stain or residue at the bottom of the cup which makes it easy to wash.

3. Douwe Egberts Pure Indulgence Instant Coffee

This brand has been in the industry since 1753 and has been one of the most trusted brands when it comes to coffee. The Pure Indulgence of Douwe Egberts is made of dark roast coffee which gives its drinker an experience of deep flavor aroma. This coffee is one of the best alternatives for brewed coffee however it is a bit more expensive than most instant coffees.

4. Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

The Pure Gold is the balanced flavored version of Douwe that is enjoyed daily by most coffee lovers. It is made of roasted blended beans which makes it take richer at the same time milder. If you have sensitive stomach, this coffee is perfect for you.

5. Maxim Mocha Gold Korean Instant Coffee

Coffee, cream and sugar-all in one, packed in small packets. This coffee emits smooth flavor which could be enjoyed every day. It is easy to bring and easy to prepare as well. The only downside is this coffee needs two packets for one cup.

6. Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee

Mount Hagen is certified by EcoCert as organic. In fact, it is the first freeze dried brand and is 100% chemical free. Its flavor is rich at the same time mild. It also has a fresh brewed taste which makes this coffee an alternative for brewed coffee. However, to achieve that taste, one will have to use two packs.

7. Mushroom Instant Coffee Mix

The Mushroom Coffee Mix is created with Arabica bean powder, cordyceps, rhodiola root, chaga and lion’s mane mushroom which are considered as antioxidants. For vegetarians and vegans, this is a coffee that would suit your taste. This coffee is also known to be good for the immune system.

8. Maxwell House French Vanilla Instant Coffee

The French Vanilla flavor of Maxwell is one of the favorite flavors of most coffee lovers as it has that rich and creamy texture that most coffee drinkers enjoy. This coffee could be prepared hot and also cold for those who enjoys iced coffees.

9. Starbucks Instant Brew Coffee Packs

Starbucks is known for their Arabica beans coffee and the instant brew coffee is one of their products that their patrons enjoy. It comes with fifty packets of dark roast rich aroma smooth flavor and could be prepared as an alternative for espresso. Its beans are easily dissolved in hot water which makes this coffee’s preparation easy and fast. The only downside of this product is it comes with a price but it is worth it.

10. Starbucks Italian Roast Instant Coffee

This coffee is very convenient with its preparation of single packet poured into a cup of hot water. It is a decaf coffee but is rich in flavor. The only downside is if you compare this to a freshly made coffee, this coffee’s flavor would seem to taste a bit weak.

11. Starbucks Colombia Coffee

Starbucks Colombia Coffee is made of 100% Colombian Arabica Coffee that has a taste of walnut flavor. This coffee is best recommended for those who would want a cup of coffee at work as it ensures you being rejuvenated.

12. Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

The Folgers Classic Roast is made of rich, mountain grown beans. This coffee is best for those who had a long night. It is easy to prepare and is affordable. This coffee promises smooth, rich taste that coffee lovers will definitely please coffee lovers.

13. Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee Original

This coffee is HALAL certified and ensures its drinkers a great coffee experience. It could be prepared cold with ice which one could enjoy during summer. This coffee is full of anti-oxidants which makes this coffee a healthy drink.

14. Folgers Instant Coffee Crystal

Another coffee that could be prepared cold, the Folgers Instant Coffee Crystal is something one would enjoy drinking in the summer. It provides a rich taste that would give you a wonderful coffee experience.

Instant Coffee FAQs

What is Instant Coffee?

An instant coffee is commercially made through brewed coffee beans that are made into powder or granules or crystals.

How are instant coffees produced?

There are two ways on how instant coffees are made and they are through the following processes:

1. Freeze Drying Process

Freeze Drying Process involves dehydrating the coffee through removing of the liquid and preserving it. The coffee extract will then be frozen at 40 degrees and once it is frozen, it will be cut into small granules then will be dried through vacuum.

2. Spray Drying Process

The first step in this process is drying the coffee with hot gas until it transforms into dry powder from its original form of liquid (coffee extract). When it is already transformed into powder form, it will then be packaged to be sold in the market.

What are the different types of instant coffee?

Types of coffee differs depending on their forms:

  • * Fine powder
  • * Granulated grains
  • * Granulated crystals

3. What are the factors you will need to consider before purchasing coffee?

1. Coffee Experience – when purchasing coffee, you will need to consider not only the flavor of the coffee but also the aroma. These two factors contribute to one’s coffee experience. If you have found both that would appeal to you, it will be sure ball that you will enjoy it.

2. Coffee Production – One would think this is not important. However, the method of how the coffee is produced and the type of bean that was used determines how your coffee will taste.

Instant Coffee on sold in the market:

There are different types of coffee sold in the market today. Coffees are identified depending on the beans used and how they were produced. The most common coffee beans that are being used are Arabic beans but one could also try the Robusta beans which are common in Southeast Asia.


No matter what your taste is or preference, a cup of coffee will definitely make you day, so to make your day better it would be wise to choose the right coffee that would suit your needs and taste. Through this article, we hope you are able to choose the right product for you.

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