Intel to provide Lenovo with modem and SoC’s

It’s been a while that we have heard something from Intel and looks like the company has been working with Lenovo lately as Lenovo has announced that its going to launch two new smartphones that will be equipped with Intel’s SOC. These two new upcoming Lenovo smartphones will be equipped with an Intel Atom 64 processor and Intel’s LTE-Advanced modem chip.

Lenovo is going to target two markets with these phones where one will be designed for China while the other will be designed for emerging markets. It won’t be easy for Intel though as the market is crowded with companies that are well recognized for their SOC’s. Over the past couple of years people have shifted from using PC’s to tablets and it’s about time Intel realized that. Intel is also said to be losing billions of dollars as the company is trying to expand its self and is also said to continue losing throughout the year 2015. A lot of other companies have moved away from providing smartphones and tablet chips as they can’t keep up with the competition like Nvida and Broadcom but Intel still hopes to make a mark. It’s still too early to calculate whether the company would do good or bad as it’s too late to target a market like China now, where smartphone manufacturers are also manufacturing their own SOC’s.

Intel will also be launching their SoFIA chip next year which will include both a processor and a modem inside a single system on chip, which is smaller in size and therefore uses less power. Lenovo and Motorola are one now and the company has great potential while we have also yet to see how well Intel’s new Atom processors perform in real life.

What do you think, will Intel be able to survive?

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