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Internet Speed Requirements for Video Streaming

In this digital world, where everything is advanced, you cannot imagine a life without the internet. The internet plays a vital role in our daily lives. Many of us won’t be able to live a single day without an internet connection, it is that important now. It is more than a need. From the emails and video conferencing through which we are connected to the streaming services we get through different platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, high-speed internet plays a great role and it has led to the death of the cable TV era. Millions of people are switching to streaming services as they are cheaper and offer you better services. With the streaming service, you can watch your favorite show, anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a cable box for the streaming service. Even if you want to stream on your TV, it just needs to be a smart TV or even if you don’t have a smart TV, you can get a Roku streaming device and connect it to your TV. The Roku streaming device will give you access to streaming platforms like Netflix. With the streaming service, you get a variety of TV shows and series, and everyone now has plans for the weekend for their favorite show, and the weekend night these days is more like a movie night. You’ll get frustrated if you face issues regarding your internet speed. How would you feel if you spend all your night staring at a buffering wheel? Not good, right? Getting high-speed internet is very important.

Why high speed internet is important?

Getting just an internet connection won’t be good for you. You need to make sure that you get a connection that offers you high-speed internet which will help in increasing the bandwidth which will allow the data to travel faster to your device. The internet connection should be reliable as well along with the high speed. While getting an internet connection you need to choose a plan as per your usage. If there are multiple internet users in your house and you connect multiple devices at the same time for online gaming, streaming, or work purpose, you need to get very high-speed internet so you don’t face any kind of issue regarding the speed while watching your favorite show when someone next to your room is playing online games and someone is doing their work in the living room. Since there are multiple users in your house, insufficient bandwidth won’t work for you. High-speed internet will ensure that everyone can enjoy HD video streaming and have an amazing gaming experience.

 How important is the data cap?

The more devices you connect to your internet connection, the more data it will consume. If you have basic internet usage and you do streaming occasionally, maybe a package with the limited data cap will work fine for you and you don’t need to worry about the data cap. But if you do streaming a lot on daily basis and you download stuff and play games on Xbox Live or PlayStation, data cap should be your concern. You need to get a package that comes with an unlimited data cap. Many internet service providers offer a high speed of internet with an unlimited data cap so you can stream on multiple devices and download as much as you want to without worrying about the data cap. Charter Spectrum offers blazing fast speed of up to 940Mbps with an unlimited data cap, so even if multiple users do gaming, streaming on Netflix or Hulu and connect multiple devices at the same time, with this speed, you will never see the buffering wheel while watching your favorite show or the gamers won’t be facing issues like high latency or lag while playing the games online. So make sure you get a package that comes with an unlimited data cap.

Which internet connection is best and reliable?

Getting an internet connection that offers you reliability is very important so even in the event of a weather disaster, your internet works fine. Fiber optic is the most reliable connection which offers you ultra-speed of the internet but it is not widely available as it requires a lot of construction which is very costly. After Fiber optic, the most reliable and widely available connection is the COAX cable connection. You won’t be facing issues regarding the internet speed because of bad weather or it won’t interrupt the signals as the data transmits through cable. Other connections like DSL, satellite, or fixed wireless is usually used by customers in rural and remote areas. These connections usually don’t offer you high-speed internet and come with a limited data cap, so try to get a cable connection if fiber optic is not available in your area.

Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter if you are streaming on your smartphone or your smart TV, you’ll need high-speed internet. How would you feel if you watch the buffering wheel rather than watching your favorite show? It hurts to even think about it, right? Don’t get hurt and get a reliable, fast connection.

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