iOS 8 users reporting slow Wi-Fi and shorter battery life

Apple’s latest iOS 8 is said to be causing problems for some users who reported slow Wi-Fi speeds and poor battery life on their devices. Users first reported these issues on the Apple support forum, complaining about the slow Wi-Fi speed even though their ISP is working just fine. Other users reported that their device’s battery life greatly reduced after they upgraded to the latest iOS 8.

This is not the first time that Apple’s new mobile OS has come under scrutiny. Almost every new iOS version has a problem or two that bugs the early adapters of the new iOS. Although Apple claimed that they test the new iOS thoroughly before releasing to public and that’s why they have beta iOS versions released sooner than the actual version.

One user said that he is getting low Wi-Fi signals and speed drops on his iPad Air, iPad mini Retina display and iPhone 5S after he upgraded all of these devices to latest iOS 8. Other users reported that Wi-Fi connects fine but with the passage of time, slows down to that extent where it’s impossible to open even a simple website or browse anything.

The other problem is the battery drainage issue that has hit some of the iOS 8 users pretty hard. Users on iPhone 5 and above devices are reporting that their battery reduces from 95% to about 50% over night on standby. Another user said that the battery drains from 100% to 0 in just four hours with minimal usage.

Another issue with the iOS 8 that is gaining importance on the Apple Support forums is the performance of the iOS 8. People with older devices said that their devices are now even slower after upgrading to iOS 8. Currently, there is no word from Apple over these issues but it is expected that Apple will soon release an update for the new iOS 8 to address them.

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