Best Photo Collage Apps for iOS

Apple devices are known for the high quality of their camera. You can expect to capture beautiful images with your iPad and iPhone, and the best way to put together all your photos is creating a collage. This lets you bring together your memories and create a story with the images. Collages are a great way to combine and share multiple photos and with the right app, you can add effects and photo frames that enhance your images. In this list, you will find high quality apps that will allow you to create amazing collages.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage  ios appPic Collage is a popular app created by Cardinal Blue and it is another great option to create beautiful collages using your photos. You can arrange your pictures in the way you want and share them on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. There is a great selection of backgrounds and layouts to choose from. The app is very easy to use and it is available for free. You also have the option to get more stickers through in-app purchases. Pic Collage offers stickers that you won’t find in any other app from Hello Kitty and other popular options.


Framatic Picture collageFramatic has earned a high rate in the App Store thanks to its incredible performance, It is not only fast and easy to use, but it also offers an effective solution for users who want to ensure that their photos are displayed beautifully. With Framatic, you can edit your photos and combine them to create amazing collages without hassle. You have the possibility of choosing a theme an frame layout that suits your composition and you can add effects to each photo to create the design that reflects your style.

Photo Grid

Photo Grid AppPhoto Grid is the favorite option for millions of users, thanks to the practical features that it offers for Instagram. It allows you to put together your photos to create captivating collages that will be loved by your followers. The app comes with filters, sticks, the option to add text and other convenient options to make your images unique. With Photo Grid by KS Mobile, you can get improve your photos with great filter effects and choose from over 300 layouts. The app also lets you create amazing video slides to present holiday shots, photos from special events, or other images.

Awesome Collage Maker

This app created by Swaroop Anand Sinha is a comprehensive solution to organize your photos in a beautiful manner. Awesome Collage Maker offers two ways to present your photos. You can select between the Freeform collage tool (which lets you arrange the photos according to your style) and the Template collage tool. Freeform gives you flexibility to design the collage on the way you prefer, while the Template tool lets you choose a practical template. Awesome Collage Maker also includes a photo editor that lets you add great effects, or use filters and frames to enhance your photos. The app is available for $2.99.

Photo Collage Unlimited

If you are looking for simplicity and a straightforward interface, Photo Collage Unlimited is an option that deserves to be considered. It offers powerful features, without being complicated. You can add up to 16 photos in a collage frame and the app features multiple collage frames that can be adjusted. Photo Collage Unlimited is an app from the same creator of Awesome Collage Maker and it provides the same top quality performance and rich functionality. There are multiple photo editing options available to let you create unique collages. This app is also available for $2.99.


iCollages is the right choice for anyone who is looking for a free app that offers the high quality of Awesome Collage Maker and Photo Collage Unlimited. Once again, Swaroop Anand Sinha offers a remarkable solution to arrange photos with the help of powerful features. iCollages allows you to organize your images in great looking collages and it also comes with a practical photo editor. iCollages offers over 50 collage frames and you can adjust the collages to suit your style and requirements, thanks to the Collage aspect tool.


JellyBus brings a collage app that offers everything that you need to make your photos stand out. This advanced photo editor includes all the functions needed to create stunning photo collages in just a few steps. It is a versatile solution that allows you to enhance your photos and add unique effects. You can also create collages in a variety of ways, combining up to 16 photos in one frame. There are over 300 frames available and you can adjust the collage aspect ratio as preferred. Moldiv is available for free, but it offers multiple in-app purchases to customize your experience.

Fuzel Collage

Fuzel by Not a Basement Studio focuses on helping you to create remarkable collages in an easy way. You can select your favorite images and arrange them together in vibrant collages that can be animated. Fuzel Collage also allows you to add music and your own watermark to make your collages truly unique. It is possible to choose the stickers, layout and border options that suit your style. The app also features useful editing tools and you can get even more options through in-app purchases.

Photo Wonder

This free app is loved by millions of users and it has earned recognition as one of the best options to create fantastic collages on your iPad or iPhone. It is designed to help you to bring life to your photos through powerful editing functions and real-time effects. You can capture beautiful images using features like Filter camera and you can also improve photos that you have already taken. PhotoWonder supports a great selection of options to make the most out of your images so that you can create impressive collages.

Photo Editor & Picture Collage Maker – LiveCollage

Click2mobile’s Photo Editor a& Picture Collage Maker lets you create collages that are truly special. You can add stickers, motion stickers, filters, frames and backgrounds and come up with a composition of images that is worth sharing. Within seconds, your collage will be ready and you can share it on social media. It is possible to add captions, choosing from a variety of fonts and the text can be resized, moved and rotated as needed. There are many effects and options available to customize your collages.

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