iPad Pro rumored to have an Apple A8X processor

A recent report published on a Taiwanese website suggests that Apple might use its own A8X processor to power up its iPad Pro. iPad Pro is expected to be Apple’s biggest iPad in its tablet lineup so far with a 12.9 inch display. Currently, there are only two screen sizes available in iPad lineup.

According to the report, the A8X processor by Apple will be more powerful than the latest A8 chipset used in the new iPhone 6 models. The rumored A8X processor might also be backed up by 2GB RAM which will definitely give enough juice to power up the 12.9 inch device and allow a lag free user experience.

The “X” in the processor name is not something new. Apple previously launched “X” versions of its A5 and A6 chipsets but then skipped it for A7 chipset. The A8 chipset used in iPhone 6 is said to have a successor, just like the A5 and A6 which will be manufactured by TSMC.

Another major advantage of having an A8X processor on the rumored iPad Pro is that this new processor will provide the much needed graphics power to cover up the extra pixels on the screen. This is exactly what Apple will need to make their device run smooth and without any problem. There are no other details available right now about the iPad Pro but it is said that it will feature the same design as the iPad Air but with a bigger display.

Apple’s next generation iPad mini and iPad Air tablets are expected to launch by the end of this year while the rumored iPad Pro is expected to hit the market in Q2, 2015.

Source and Image credit: technews

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