iPhone 5se could see a hot pink color option

The iPhone 5se has a name now, one that may or may not sit well with you (after all, we’re on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus; why go back to name anything after a now 3-year-old phone?), but it’s a name that seems to be the one for now. We’ve talked about the display size of the iPhone 5se returning to the 4-inch range, a place where many consumers were happy. Now, though, we’re hearing reports that the iPhone 5se could have a hot pink color option when it launches. The rumor has been publicized by way of tech site Mac Otakara, where someone published the photo of a pink iPod, sixth-generation, to talk about the upcoming iPhone 5se.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus featured a rose gold option, whereby the new devices look pink in the sunlight or light more than they look “gold,” so a hot pink color option for the iPhone 5se isn’t out of the question. A number of women would jump at the chance to own a pink iPhone since they love pink as a color regardless, and the fact that it’s a new color option for the iPhone 5se, a new 2016 iPhone, would make it even more enticing for customers who can’t stand having “last year’s iPhone” this year.

Other rumors about the iPhone 5se point to the phone’s A9 processor, 12MP camera, iOS 10 software, not to mention the Touch ID technology that’ll make its way over to this more budget-friendly offering. The iPhone 5se could cost $450, making it anything but budget-friendly, and this seems to clash with Apple’s intention to offer this in emerging markets such as India, where current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus smartphones mandate that some give away their entire month’s allowance.

The “se” in iPhone 5se will be called “special edition,” referring to Apple’s plans to draw out the iPhone 5 moniker one last time to reconnect with users who cannot get over dropping their iPhone 5 for a new smartphone. Now that Apple has improved its Upgrade Program, getting that iPhone 5se will be an even easier enterprise than before.

Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 5se on March 15th, where the company will likely unveil a small refresh of its first-generation Apple Watch by bringing a FaceTime camera to the company’s most recent mobile device.


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