IPhone 7 design, schematics appear

The biggest rave about the iPhone 7 design and 7 Plus design happens to be the camera setup on these two phones. It’s also been rumored that the iPhone 7, as also the 7 Plus, will receive optical image stabilization (OIS) that will help prevent blurry and shaky photos so that you can capture the scene regardless of your hand movements. Well, the iPhone 6 Plus’s camera is what set it apart from the iPhone 6 (regular), so it’s surprising to see Apple bump up both the 7 and 7 Plus cameras with the feature (of course, we believe every consumer should have OIS as an indelible part of the smartphone experience).

New iPhone 7 design photos show a larger camera sensor consistent with the rumors and photos and compares the iPhone 7 design to that of the iPhone 6s, its immediate predecessor. The source shows that the iPhone 7 camera sensor will be twice as large as the back camera sensor on the iPhone 6s, with the sensor confirming the OIS rumor. The iPhone 6s has a 12MP back camera, so Apple could bring something even bigger than 12MPs — though we keep hearing that Apple will give it OIS instead of increasing MP size. Other iPhone 7 schismatics show that the phone itself will be shorter than the iPhone 6s with a reduced bezel, with the top portion of the iPhone 7 design coming in at 67.06 mm as opposed to the 67.1-mm thickness of the top portion of the iPhone 6s. This shows that Apple will make the iPhone 7 design slightly thinner than the most recent iPhone, but that’s about it outside of camera tech.

The same source also shows a photo of the iPhone 7, with the antenna lines that graced the back of the iPhone 6s being mostly removed. Apparently, Apple wanted to make this cosmetic design change and did so, eliminating most of the negative attention it received with the antenna lines last year. I have to admit: the new iPhone 7 design looks far more elegant than that of the iPhone 6s.

We can see that the camera sensor is getting enlarged this year, which shows that Apple will do something (if not OIS) to the camera to make it larger. The dual-lens camera setup is still set apart for the iPhone 7 Plus, though it’s believed that Apple will eventually bring it to the regular iPhone 7 as well.



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