iPhone 7 Full HD, 7 Plus Quad HD screens spotted

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been in the news a lot because of Apple’s presence in the tech world, but they’ve also been the source of little excitement due to the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. A new rumor shows the presence of iPhone 7 Full HD screens and iPhone 7 Plus Quad HD screens that will be used for the upcoming iDevices.

The leak for the iPhone 7 Full HD and iPhone 7 Plus Quad HD screens comes from a Weibo social media account, where the panels for both upcoming iPhones appear. It’s being said by way of this social media account that the iPhone 7 Full HD panel will break with the current-generation iPhone 6s that has a 750p (HD) display, as opposed to the iPhone 6 that had a 640p display, but retain the 4.7-inch size. The iPhone 7 Plus panel will still retain its 5.5-inch size but sport a Quad HD, 2,560 x 1,440p screen instead of the current Full HD (1080p) panel on the iPhone 6s Plus.

The iPhone 7 Full HD and iPhone 7 Plus Quad HD panels tell us that Apple is considering improving its specs this year, in the attempt to better compete with its staunchest rival, Samsung Electronics. What these panels may prove, if they’re legitimate, is that Apple believes it has played behind the race for far too long. We’re glad to see Apple come to its senses in this regard and hope that the iPhone 7 Full HD and iPhone 7 Plus Quad HD panels come to light.

Apple’s best panels yet, the 750p panel in the iPhone 6s and the 1080p panel in the iPhone 6s Plus were just increased in their resolutions in 2015. Prior to that, Apple had a 640p panel in the iPhone 6 and introduced the iPhone 6 Plus with a Full HD panel in 2014. It took Apple an entire year behind Samsung to introduce 1080p panels and, even then, Apple only introduced them on the more expensive iPhone 6 Plus (making consumers pay for the higher-resolution screen). The 750p panel in the 6s is so old that Samsung had HD screens in its phones as far back as the Galaxy S3 in 2012 (720p panel to be exact).

The iPhone 7 picture is becoming complete, but there’s more to come.


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