iPhone 7 headphones, “AirPods,” spotted

Interested Apple customers are preparing for iPhone 7 headphones to match their upcoming device, though we must inform these same customers that the 3.5mm headphone jack is going the way of the dinosaur (though with all the rumors and leaks, you already knew that, didn’t you?). Well, Apple is planning to inaugurate an era of wireless headphones, and the latest report on the iPhone 7 headphones points to a trademark filing by an interesting company name that has a personal connection to the fruit company.

By “personal” connection, I am referring to a person: namely, one Jonathan Brown, who works as a “Senior Standards Counsel.” Interestingly enough, a Jonathan Brown also works as a manager for Entertainment in Flight, the same company that filed the AirPods trademark back in October 2015. It turns out that the Jonathan Brown at Entertainment in Flight and the Jonathan Brown at Apple have similar signatures on trademark documentation — a link to these two people that leads one to conclude that they are not different persons with the same name but, rather, are one and the same person.

Apple has filed trademarks before with dummy names that are used to shroud the company hiding them. Not only has Apple used dummy corporations to file trademarks; the company has also used dummy corporation names to purchase trademarks from other companies. Apple found itself under a lawsuit a few years ago when the company had to purchase the “iPad” name from a Shenzhen company despite the fact it had sold tablets under the “iPad” name without legal moniker ownership.

Apple has already dropped some serious hints about the iPhone 7 headphones, called AirPods: the company ditched the headphone jack input in its iOS 9.3 beta code, as well as filed a patent for wireless charging of future wireless headphones. The latest video of the upcoming iPhone 7 shows that no headphone jack is present, which is only confirmation of the inevitable at this point.


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