iPhone 8 rumors: OLED display, glass case

The iPhone 7 rumors haven’t been all that entertaining this year, and no one’s to blame for finding the iPhone 7 to be, like the iPhone 6s, a huge yawn. Well, there’s a bright side to all of this: the iPhone 8 looks to be one heck of a smartphone to celebrate Apple’s 10th anniversary since the iPhone’s inception. With iPhone 8 rumors now out and about, let’s examine a few, shall we.

The latest iPhone 8 rumors pertain to glass casing and OLED displays for the 2017 iPhone. According to the latest report from the source, Foxconn, the winner of the Sharp acquisition, intends to win Apple’s business for 2017 and is using its latest company to manufacture OLED displays. Apple has always looked to Samsung for its display orders and has even struck a deal with Samsung for a large portion of OLED shipments for next year, but Foxconn wants to level the playing field and win some of Apple’s money.

The report says that Foxconn has been developing glass casings for the iPhone 8 for at least a year now, which means that Apple has had its plans in the works for some time (no surprise, since most tech companies don’t do things willy-nilly). As for OLED displays, the fruit company’s move to OLED displays over current LCD panel tech within iPhone 8 rumors has much to do with staunch Apple rival Samsung, who has taken the tech world by storm with its world-class AMOLED displays that have been released in the company’s Galaxy lineup for the last 5 years now. Samsung is the best there is when it comes to AMOLED displays that have sharp color contrasts, and bright vivid colors, and no matter the “Apple magic,” LCD displays are old and outdated and simply don’t compare (even if many think their color reproduction is more accurate than that of AMOLED panels).

These iPhone 8 rumors are the majority of what’s being said about the 2017 iPhone and Apple’s tenth anniversary celebration next year. For now though, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are headed to market in September with the absence of the 3.5mm headphone jack on both models, the addition of optical image stabilization on the regular iPhone 7, and the addition of a dual-camera lens setup on the iPhone 7 Plus. Whether or not this will be enough to win fans over to the next-generation device is anyone’s guess. We’ll measure its success by the number of fans who stand in line for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus’s opening weekend and don’t let the iPhone 8 rumors spoil “the fun.”


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