iRing Motion Controller for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone

Gesture control devices for iPhone and iPad are very popular and they have become one of the favorite solutions to get the most out of Bluetooth capabilities. The iRing is one of the best examples of the power of gesture-sensor technology. It offers both an interesting design and convenient functionality. With the iRing from IK Multimedia, users can control their music apps and effects without even having to touch their device. Here is more about this innovative motion detection solution.

What is the iRing

This gesture control ring made in Italy, can sense gestures through the front cam of your Apple device, allowing you to control the music player. By simply moving your hands in front of your device, you will be able to control parameters of effects and more options in your music performance. iRing works with motion control, patented advanced-image recognition and precise dimensional positioning to determine the position of the wearable rings with exactitude. This technology can recognize and track the dot patterns printed on the device, giving you the possibility of controlling app options using just hand gestures in the air.

iRing is ideal for music fans, DJs and musicians who want to create real time effects with ease. Music makes us move and many times, we follow the rhythm with our hands and with iRing, you can take control over tracks to keep the party going.

How does it Work

The device is a double-sided ring that is used comfortably between your fingers. On one side, it features a linear pattern of three dots and there is a triangular pattern on the other side. The finger’s position is crucial when it comes to playing music by gesturing in the air. The exact gesture is detected three-dimensionally with the help of the camera sensor.

The iRing works with the iRing Music Maker App that allows you yo create your own beats. The app uses the front camera on your device and advanced dimensional positioning technology to recognize and establish the exact position of the ring in respect to the device’s camera. Once the precise reading of the position of the ring is completed, it is converted into music or MIDI control messages by the app. The Music Maker app lets you create dance grooves, scores or modify effects. The app also comes with two lead and bass synths with their unique pattern players that can be managed independently to enjoy seamless musical improvisation. Even the less experienced musicians can take control over music making with the help of this powerful solution.

The device in combination with the app, track your movements and convert them into information that allows you to take control over your music. Since the movements are recognized along three points, you can use two rings to control up to six parameters at the same time. iRing can be used to control all the groove parts on the screen with different gestures. For instance, you can hide the rings, rotate them clockwise or counterclockwise and much more. All these actions are detected by the apps, giving you more power to manage your music without touching the screen.

iRing FX/Controller App

Musicians can also rely on the iRing FX/Controller app that will opens the doors to an impressive world of customization with touchless control. The app combines real time audio processing effects and a MIDI controller with fully assignable parameters. It can be used as an advanced touchless outboard effects platform or it can be configured to send Control Change, Program Change, Notes, Pitch Wheel, After Touch and more. The app enables you to add brilliant audio effects to the audio apps that you normally use and you can control your music with the help of your iRing. There are up to 16 high quality DJ effects available including standard options like delay, compression or filter, as well as other edgier effects such as Crush, Twist, Brake and stutter.


Music lovers will benefit greatly from the innovation and high technology that iRing provides. Since the iRing team has an SDK and free licensing program, music app developers who want to integrate iRing technology into their work, can do so and extend the possibilities of this touchless control solution. The iRing packaging is available for €30.49 EUR and it includes 2 double-sided rings and you can download the Music Maker and FX/Controller apps from the App Store without additional cost.

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