Irisys is developing a USB retina scanner for smartphones

Fingerprint scanners incorporated in to smartphones have started to popularize over the course of several months. Apart from unlocking the device and providing additional layers of security, fingerprint scanners also allow users to execute paperless transactions through this security feature. However, fingerprint scanners are not going to be able to provide sufficient security for smartphones and tablets much longer. This is because a firm has started to invest heavily in retina scanners, which will allow users to further secure their sensitive information present inside their mobile device through an iris pattern.

Irisys, the company responsible for digging deep in to retinal security is working on a USB memory and iris recognition device called ‘Lockit’. Lockit will be able to connect to smartphones through a microUSB device and computers through a standard USB 2.0 port. The device possesses a micro camera module and infrared LED with autofocus functionality. The company has currently not disinterred details on why it incorporated a 5 MP front camera sensor but there is a possibility that the higher image resolution will allow for a more accurate snap of the individual’s eye pattern.

Depending on the surrounding environment, not to mention the difference between the lens and the person’s eyes, it will take between 0.2 to 0.8 seconds to recognize the retinal pattern of the individual. Additionally, Lockit also possesses an LCD screen on the rear side of the device in order to generate a user defined password. In order to bypass the smartphone or tablet, users will be required to input the password along with the correct iris pattern in order to phase past the security feature.

The company will be initiating a campaign soon where it is going to invite the major league players of both smartphones and PCs in order to contribute their ideas and funding to further promote the concept of retinal security. The company has not stated when Lockit will be available for consumer use.

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