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Is The New Lynx Smart Grill Worth The Investment?

Whether you are contemplating on building an outdoor patio or renovating your existing one, planning is important. The layout and design, from furniture and outdoor grill for a barbeque cook out should be well thought off. And when you celebrate with friends and family for special occasions or perhaps spend a night of hosting dinner with steaks, burgers and drinks, it isn’t hard to burn or undercook the meat. However, with smart grilling, this will not be a problem anymore.

With a new and stylish way to have outdoor cooking, you can have your chicken or burger grilled the way you want it and how you want it. From a trusted outdoor grill making company comes a cooking equipment that catches up with the latest trends in innovation and technology. Here’s a glimpse of Lynx Smart Grill that will soon launched in time for the grilling season in March.

What smart features does it have?

  • Voice Control
  • Integrated WiFi
  • Can be used with an Android or iOS mobile app
  • Settings can be set accordingly


This amazing innovation from Lynx can turn a person easily gets distracted while cooking steak or barbeque into a great grilling master. Designed to walk you through cooking from beginning to end, this smart grill takes away the difficulty of not knowing if you are doing it right. By being able to communicate with you and with its WiFi integration, you can have access to a ton of recipes. The Smart Grill ACTUALLY ASKS YOU what you want to cook.

Moreover, you prevent yourself from relying on guesswork when it comes to deciding if your chicken or burger is ready inside and out. With the voice command, it seems like it communicates with you and asks you questions related to how you would like your food cooked, say, how long you want the cooking time to be. Also, it tells you when and what to do. With the mobile app, on the other hand, you can adjust the settings depending on what you fancy.

The Smart Grill also remembers what you cooked, and can replicate the process and do it again next time, exactly how you did it. So it remembers your preferences, and remembers your favorite dishes/menu. The grill also has capability to recommend where to place the food, when to turn what you are grilling, and send you notifications via visual, audio or text notifications. If the party went full blast and you got drunk (enough to forget that the grill is on), the Smart Grill will turn itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity.


Although this beautiful and functional cooking companion can be the dream outdoor grill for people who love to entertain friends and family over barbeque, its asking price is not as cheap as you want it to be. A 36-inch model grill beauty costs $7,500.

Is It Worth-Buying?

Although Lynx Smart Grill is expensive, this is just a one-time investment that you can benefit from for the years to come. With proper maintenance, this grill can last for so many years. And with its smart features, this equipment can provide grilling solutions to any person, chef or not. After all, you pay for high quality, convenience and optimum performance from a product. That said, Smart Grill is indeed worth buying,


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