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iSmart Home Alarm System Review

Having a home security system is a necessity but you do not have to pay too much when you can have the iSmart Alarm system with no contract or monthly fees.  All you need to do is just set up cameras, alarms and motion sensors.  And with the system’s iSmart Alarm App, you can track everything that goes on in your house anytime and anywhere you are.  A text message and an automated phone call will alert you to anything that triggers the alarm.


  • Do-it-yourself home security system with no contract or monthly fees
  • Easy installation with Plug and Play feature
  • iSmart Alarm App gives access to iOS and Android phones to arm, disarm and monitor the security system from anywhere at anytime
    • Shows who is in your house and when they leave or return
    • Shows which sensors are turned on or turned off
    • Alerts user when iSmart Alarm is triggered through text, phone call and email
    • Sirens and sensors are battery operated but a battery reading that comes with the App, will notify you when it is time to replace batteries on which device
  • Allows for practically limitless expansion, you can choose to customize your set up with its flexible features


  • Those who are into DIY projects will appreciate this smart and complete home security system that is way cheaper than having a contract
  • Contact sensors are easily transferrable using the peel off sticky tags
  • The motion and contact sensors work great
  • The remote tag is as reassuring as your car alarm remote
  • This alarm system is basically maintenance free
  • The App enables you to rename the location of the sensors for easy identification
  • The design and color of the motion sensors blends well with other décor in the house


  • This alarm system will not call the police for you, you have to do it yourself
  • Having the iCamera video added to the system does not always work as expected


With its price and convenient installation, this is a very good product to have in your house. This system works particularly great in small homes and apartments.  It provides the security you need with the accessibility you have always wanted.  It is also very reliable and just easy to use.  This iSmart Alarm system is truly a good alternative to those home security systems which charge expensive subscription, it just works as well if not better.

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