iWalk Extreme Trio 6000 Backup Battery Review

There are some instances wherein our phones die in the middle of peak hectic schedules in the mid-day and we unfortunately, don’t know what to do. With that, there are a lot of available battery packs or any back up batteries available in the market, however, they do not have such capacity to do simultaneous charging with an installed indicators.

In that case, with iWalk Extreme Trio 6000 backup battery is the best for these needs. They are made for this particular use – to aid users to have longer battery life especially when they are at work, where they are heavily using their own mobile devices that basically needed longer battery life.

Product Overview and Specifications 

What is really good about this backup battery is that it can even support up to three devices simultaneously. Unlike other backup batteries that has limited power to recharge mobile devices and limited cable ports too.

With iWalk Extreme Trio 6000, each user can charge three devices simultaneously since it can accommodate with the number of ports available through its integrated Lightning Cable, integrated Micro-USB, and a traditional USB port. Making it a very useful lightweight backup battery packed with essential features.

Features and Benefits 

-Accommodates Simultaneous Charging 

It can charge heavily to different types of smartphone and other devices supported with USB ports. With its impressive power capacity level, it can even charge iPhone 5s for two and a half times and even more, Samsung Galaxy S5 1.5, iPad Air for half a charge. Take note, these named devices require a lot of power to charge, so it also requires a large amount of power to make these batteries last longer. 

-Compability and Portability 

It doesn’t even cost a lot of effort to carry them since it just weighs around 140g with a stylish design. The standard dimension of this gadget is 4.9 x 2.8 x 0.5 inch. So, this device is really useful, and at the same time really portable.

Stylish Design 

Another cool thing about device is its stylish design in match with its built-in LCD display screen for output level or status of charging.

Advantages and Disadvantages 


Since it can accommodate simultaneous charging, it does not cost that much time to charge more than one device(in fact, three devices) in one time compared to other backup battery with only one USB port to connect. Another amusing thing about this iWalk Extreme Trio 6000 is that it is also affordable.


However, one downside of this backup battery is its length or the total duration of charging to reach the enough power needed to recharge other mobile devices. As per testing made for iWalk Extreme Trio 6000, it requires around 4 hours before it reach full 100% power. It can be charged through a dedicated micro-USB charging port.

This is also true to charging using this backup battery to an iPhone 5s that requires around one hour and thirty-five minutes to reach 100% full-charged.

Final Verdict 

But, the long wait is guaranteed since it can really stand the simultaneous charging to high-energy dependent devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Samsung smartphones. By using iWalk Extreme Trio 6000, there is no need to worry about having longer lasting battery for your smartphones and tablets.






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