Apple iWatch Reveal Coming Next Month?

The techworld is incredibly busy these days. With rumoured announcements of the iPhone 6 and Note 4 already on the horizon it seems there is still more to be excited about. It seems that Apple’s long rumoured iWatch may finally be set to hit the market and sources are saying we can expect a September announcement to that effect. While Samsung and Android have thus far held a monopoly on wearable tech many may have forgotten that Apple was the first rumoured to be working on wearable devices. After seeing significant delays with the product and watching their main competitor get a jump start on them it seems Apple may finally be ready to enter the fray. This all comes from notoriously well connected Apple observer John Gruber. Gruber let the news leak while commenting on a verge story about the Moto 360 where he said, “The only way this could be funnier would be if it doesn’t even ship until Apple announces their wrist wearable thing next month.”

Since that statement multiple outlets are reporting that Apple is planning a September 9th event. The assumption has been that this event would feature the iPhone 6 unveil but given the recent rumours, we’re now wondering if it won’t include some wearable tech as well, as an accessory to the iPhone 6. One thing that has been talked about is the form factor it will take. While many of us have been anticipating a watch like device some are now speculating that Apple may be opting for something closer to a bracelet than a traditional watch.

Many market watchers have speculated that Apple is under a lot of pressure to come up with a wearable device to rival Android Gear. Apple has always billed itself as a company that pushes the boundaries of tech but in this instance they’ve fallen woefully behind their competitors. Many critics are taking this as yet another sign that Apple simply cannot overcome the loss of their founder who was seen as the real visionary behind Apple devices. While that’s baseless speculations, the fact remains that Apple has been losing market share and its reputation is suffering in the wake of the loss of their founder, and one of the greatest minds of our generation.
Gruber has since contacted The Verge to indicate that his comment was nothing more than a joke but we’ll stick with cautious optimism until the September 9th event.

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