Best JIRA Alternatives

Atlassian’s JIRA is a popular project management tool usually for software development teams used for planning, tracking progress, building and log issues. It has about 30 million customers all over the globe.

Though Jira is one of the most popular software used, its interface could be a bit difficult to use and understand. Aside from it being confusing, it could also be a bit expensive to small enterprises or businesses. Due to these reasons, some would look for other software they could use as a substitute.

JIRA Alternatives for Agile Software Development Teams:

1. VersionOne

This platform is specifically created for unified Agile and Development Operations and could be used by different levels of the organization. It is compatible and supports Scaled Agile Framework, DAD, LeSS, Enterprise Scrum and or Hybrid approach. The VersionOne’ purpose is to simplify team work, have visibility and to provide management insights.

2. PivotalTracker

This software was created for helping teams to be able to deliver consistency and easier project management. Using this platform helps the team to be able to know and share priorities and to enhance collaboration. It is a tool to analyze progress of the team and the project.

PivotalTracker comes with a feature of calculating the velocity of the team based on number of story points completed. This platform is highly recommended for Agile only. It is not flexible to be offered or used for other methodologies.

3. Workzone

Workzone is simpler and powerful at the same time. It is one of the best JIRA alternatives not only for technical but also non-technical users. This software provides reports, allows its users to create to do lists, provide and alert team members about tasks to complete and which are already completed.

4. Targetprocess

This platform is specifically created to help its users manage Agile projects and could be used for Scrum, custom approach or Kanban. This program allows its users and managers view timelines, project data or information, to facilitate, to plan, collaborate and track. Though Targetprocess comes with bells and whistles which makes its interface complicated, using this program will definitely help you with your projects effectively.

5. Mingle

This program is used for implementation and scaling Agile practices or projects. Mingle comes with a lot of languages such as Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. Its interface has features such as being able to update projects and communicate in real time. It also includes forums and wikis.

6. Assembla

Assembla comes with a central location where project owners could manage task all in one place. It could manage code with Agile development tools built in. This software is created for teams who creates software such as video games, mobile apps and designing robots.

7. Crocagile

Crocagile is known for its light, clean and easy to use interface. It is designed not only for those who are Agile experts but also for those who does not understand it as this program is user-friendly. Though it is easy to use, it does not lack in features. In fact, Crocagile comes with WYSIWYG editor, file sharing and has reporting feature which could easily be understood.

8. Blossom

Blossom is highly recommended for distributing industry. This software’s specializes in tracking and ensures efficient and effective visualize processes and workflow improvement. Blossom comes with great analysis, resource optimizations and provides useful reports.

9. Eylean

Eylean is a program which has the ability to organize information and transform these into boards such as scrum, Kanban, task and team boards. This platform could also be used for tracking and reporting. MS Office and products are also integrated in this software and it is also compatible with Kanban, CMMI, Scrum, Scrumban and XP.

10. Active Collab

This program is for small businesses. It is easy to use and affordable. This project management program comes with priority and task control, access control, document management, invoicing, team collaboration, project cost estimation, reporting and enables you to create and post tasks and comments. This program works with internet connection.

11. SprintGround

For efficient project management, the SprintGround comes with task management, progress tracker, bug and issue tracking, real-time collaboration feature and time tracking. This program is compatible and supports Kanban, Scrum and Waterfall methodologies.

The only downside of this software is that it only offers limited plans and has difficulty with large files.

12. DoneDone

This software allows its users to test, code, plan and provide customer support from a centralized location. It also comes with features such as workflow management, real-time notification, release builds, issue management, SVN and GIT integration and reporting. It also integrates tracker for feedbacks, questions and issues coming from your customers.

13. Scrum Mate

Scrum Mate, an Agile tool is created for businessman, developers and creative teams. It comes with Kanban boards, ability to help in running scrum sprints, cards and documents, collect information, track progress and events and long term-planning.

14. Sprintly

This software ensures your projects are on track and organized. Sprintly comes with boards which you could filter and view. It has features such as analysis of productivity, ability to track and locate bugs and is compatible with GitHub, BitBucket, Crashlytics, Beanstalk, Rollerbar and Slack.

15. Agilo for Scum

This program is used for managing the workflow of any Agile projects. It ensures that all your needs are addressed to be able to facilitate scrum process. It also ensures effective management of scrums.

This software comes with features such as ability to organize product backlog, estimate sprints, daily progress tracking, plan and improve productivity.

16. Leankit

This program is perfect for scaling Lean. It ensures that its users are able to visualize their workflow and progress. It uses Kanban boards which defines process changes. This program allows access through mobile apps such as iOS and Android. It also an open source and integrates Microsoft Project Server, VS online and TFS.

17. smartQ

This software is for those who needs a visual task board. It allows its users to issue tickets, monitor progress, collaborate with your team and assign work or tasks. This software has a whiteboard which you could share files, notes, etc. smartQ is available in 10 languages.

18. Favro

Favro is known for being an all in one planning app. It is a tool which helps executives, marketers and developers. It offers flexibility to plan tasks and has integration of Scrum, Kanbun, etc. It also supports Excel imports, Trello and Basecamp.

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