Top 5 Jump Rope Apps for Fitness and Tricks

Back in the days in 1990s, jumping rope was a form of play and competition for kids. This was the time when Apple was just struggling as a computer company. Today, with Apple being a huge company, there are apps created and designed for almost everything. Yes, you guessed it right! There are even some apps specifically designed for those who are into jumping rope.

With COVID-19 being pandemic, staying health becomes a major priority and concern. In fact, there are some influencers who have been posting on Instagram of their jump rope activities. Yes, jumping rope is now considered as a form of fun exercise. One mainstream fitness program, CrossFit actually is using jump rope as one of their core components. With all that said, we have listed apps below that could help you with your jump rope activities.

1. Skipping Skills

A comprehensive jump rope skills app, Skipping Skills comes with a set of levels 1 to 6 with different categories included. Through this app, you will be able to learn different new jump rope tricks that will aid and help you in your daily exercise routine.

Skipping Skills offers great quality video and audio that will show you how to do jump rope tricks in different angles. This way, you will not have a difficult time doing the jumps. Also in this app, they have categorized the level of jumping skill.

Unfortunately, this app is available for fee if you wish to view most jumping rope skills.

2. JustJump

Though JustJump has small number of reviews, this app is considered as one of the best jump rope app. The app is seen as very innovative and designed perfectly for all of its users. JustJump has thought of everything when they have created this app- they have taken into consideration all the types of competitions and sports that uses jumping ropes such as boxing and for playground games for kids.

This app offers different levels of workouts for target sports. It comes with about 200 skill combinations and it has about 4 level skills. Their interface is clean, simple, straight-forward and easy to use. It comes with tricks page with description in each trick. It shows video recorded tricks in regular and slow motion speed.

This app is really helpful especially for those who are currently training in different sports- soccer, ice skating, basketball, Crossfit, tennis and boxing.

3. Jump Rope Workouts by Fitivity

The Jump Rope Workouts comes with 10 different levels of jump rope training. Through this app your coordination, conditioning, determination and speed will be tested. Each level that you reach, difficulty level will increase as well.

This app comes with different exercise programs with multiple footwork programs. You will also be able to watch animated video demonstrations which you could imitate. Each exercise comes with detailed descriptions and this app also lets you track your progress.

The downside of this app on the other hand is that its video quality is poor and it only gives a set amount of exercises.

4. Jump Rope Trictionary

With levels one to four, you will not go wrong with Jump Rope Trictionary. This app is designed for those who would like to be a competitive in jumping rope activities. They offer comprehensive lists of skills and even provides the pre-requisite skills required before you are able to try a new jump rope skill. This app also shows each skill in different angles- back, front and sides.

This app also comes with speed timer which is perfect for statistics and data. Through this app, you will be able to monitor your score, speed, estimated score if there are no misses and number of misses.

5. Jump Rope Workout by Underlogic

This app comes with a lot of reviews and it has numerous users as well. It allows its users to do basic jumps and is very easy to use. In this app, you will be able to count all your jumps, how much calories are burned and it also saves your jump rope history. The only downside of this app is it only offers basic jumping skills and it does not teach nor demonstrates each jump.

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