Just how successful has the Apple Watch been? Analysts show the answer is still up for debate

How successful has the Apple Watch been? The answer depends on whom you ask. According to 17 different analysts, Apple Watch sales could currently reside anywhere from 2.5 million to 6 million. Most place Apple Watch sales around 4 million as a reasonable estimate that gives credence to the smartwatch’s popularity without resorting to exaggeration.

The Apple Watch has had some measure of popularity, though, with about 3 million-4 million sales in the product’s opening weekend. Apple Watch sales have placed the company second only to FitBit in the wearables space, as it seems that Apple Watch sales have posed a problem for Samsung – who entered the smartwatch space in recent times back in 2013 and is now on its sixth smartwatch (Gear S2) and even has a fitness band, the curved AMOLED Gear Fit, on sale for as low as $99.99 currently.

Apple continues to proclaim the popularity of the Apple Watch, which can only be taken for marketing hype apart from actual sales numbers. Apple also said that the iPhone 5c, revealed two years ago with the iPhone 5s, was popular – but it sold only 30 million and didn’t quite compete with iPhone 5s sales that were three times as popular.

With Apple’s track record, we won’t know whether or not Apple Watch sales have been a success until the company tells us, but, if it’s a flop in Apple’s eyes, we may never know. That is, we won’t know until something else even more popular comes along.


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