Best Folding Wagons for Kids

Kid’s folding wagons are not just toys but it is also something you could use to bond with your children- by having them ride it while you pull them. You could also use it to clean or store your kid’s toys.

Nowadays, you will find numerous kids’ folding wagons in the market and choosing the right one that will suit your children could be a difficult task. However, through this article, you will be able to narrow down your choices, as we will feature the best of the best folding wagons.

1. Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon

This Wagon is a smaller and the toy version of the original wagon. The Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon is something your children will surely enjoy. You will not have to worry if this wagon will suit your daughter or son as it is a unisex toy. Aside from it being a toy, you could use this as a package for a gift or you could also use it as a home décor or even a storage for your children’s toys.

This wagon is made of steel body and does not have scratch edges. It is very durable not only its body but also its wheels.

2. Radio Flyer, Ultimate Comfort Wagon

Radio Flyer is for all children of all ages. It ensures comfort for you little ones. It has padded seats and storage pockets. It has expandable rear storage and a canopy that provides protection from UV rays. Though this wagon could be used by children of all ages, it is recommended and more ideal for toddlers over the age of 18 months.

3. Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

Just as its name says, this wagon is a classic and was designed with class. It is made of steel body and has no scratch edges. Its wheels are made of steel and real rubber. Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon is very durable and will make any child feel loved with this wagon.

4. Radio Flyer Kid’s Ultimate EZ

This model is one of the best wagons that your kids could ride on. It has a size for two children. It has seat backs which provides ultimate comfort for your little ones. It even has a cup holder for their drinks and snacks.

For safety of your children, this wagon also comes with seat belts.

5. EasyGoWagon Folding Collapsible Utility Wagon

This wagon is very portable and is perfect for kids of all ages. It is easy to ride and provides joy for both boys and girls. It is also easy to store. As a matter of fact, this model could be folded up to 1/8th of its original size.

6. Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon

All Around Canopy comes in red and is perfect for kids of all ages. This wagon’s seats could be flipped into flat bed or table. It also comes with six cup and snack holders that will ensure your children will never go hungry or thirsty. Its door is easy to open and close and its size is large enough for two children. It is also very sturdy and durable and will assure you this wagon will last for a long time.

7. Radio Flyer Full Size All- Terrain and Wood Garden Cart/Wagon

The Radio Flyer Full Size All-Terrain and Wood Garden Cart/Wagon is an award winning wagon. It in fact won the National Parenting Publication Award and the Early Childhood New Director’s Choice Award.

This wagon is made of steel and smooth wood. It has 10” air tires which allows your children to ride it on any terrain. It also has no scratch edges and it has extra-long handle which is foldable for easy storage.

8. Foldable Beachcomber Wagon

Beachcomber Wagon is a wagon that could be collapsed. It also has a roomy interior with measurements of 36.2” x 21.4” x 24.6” and comes with extra-large wheels. It is heavy duty, durable and easy to clean with its 600D Fabric. This wagon is easy to transport and is perfect for the beach, concerts and picnics.

9. Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

This wagon is made of high quality materials and is also an award winner. It has numerous awards such as the National Parenting Publications Gold Award and the CBS This Morning Toy Test Award.

The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon comes with extra-large wooden body that allows hauling in a maximum large capacity. Its wooden sides could easily be removed and its tires allows smooth ride on any terrain. It is also easy to store as its extra-long handle could be folded. This wagon is recommended for children with ages 18 months and above.

10. Radio Flyer 2700 PathFinder Wheelbarrow Home Depot

PathFinder Wheelbarrow is made of durable and sturdy plastic. It comes with an easy to use steering and Dura Tred tries that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for your children. This wagon has four molded cup holders, storage compartment and seatbelts for safety.

This wagon also has won the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval and National Parenting Publications Gold Award.

11. Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Willow Green

This wagon is durable and sturdy. It comes with easy to open doors and long handle which allows you to pull it easily. It also includes two seatbelts for safety and has an under-seat storage where you could put some of your children’s things.

12. Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon Ride On

This wagon provides smooth rides for your kids. It comes with five seating, removable canopy for sun protection and seatbelts for safety. It also has children and adult cup holders where you could put your drinks and snacks. The Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon Ride On is recommended for ages 1 ½ years and above.

13. Thomas and Friends Thomas Rolling Along Wagon Ride On

This wagon allows your kids to pull their toys through this toy wagon. It comes with a handle that could be folded and is easy to store. This wagon is perfect for the beach or park. It is recommended for ages 2 years and above.

14. Little Tikes Fold’ n Go Deluxe Folding Wagon

Little Tikes is known for providing safety and joy to kids. It could accommodate up to two riders and it is very comfortable at the same time safe to ride, sturdy and durable. It also comes with seat belts, bucket seats and a canopy to protect your children from the sun. It is also foldable which makes it easy to bring wherever you want and easy to store as well.


A kid’s folding wagon has many uses and advantages. Though it could be difficult to choose due to its numerous brands and models sold and found in the market, we hope this article has helped you in narrowing down your choices and provide you the best choice and decision for your children.

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