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Kindle Fire Won’t Turn On or Charge

With the holidays still fresh in our memories, now is the time of year many of us find ourselves tinkering with our new gadgets. Unfortunately, joy can quickly turn into frustration when your new toy refuses to work properly. Today, we’ll take a look at the Kindle Fire, and what to do if you just can’t seem to get it to turn on.

Is The Battery Dead?

TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read):

Make super, super sure your battery is charged. Leave it plugged in at least 15-20 mins and try different cables and power blocks to rule out the charger as the culprit.

First thing’s first, let’s make sure the battery is sufficiently charged and ready to go. If you’re 100% sure the battery is charged, skip to the next section to find out how to do a hard reset. Otherwise, let’s plug in our Kindle fire and make sure to leave it plugged in a solid 15-20 minutes before making any kind of determination. When a battery is fully depleted it is not uncommon for it to take a little while before showing any signs of life. If you’re Kindle springs back to life after half an hour or so, great! It was just that simple.

If you weren’t so lucky, don’t panic yet! Your issue may actually just be the charging cable or power block, if possible, see if you can find another similar Android charger around the house. Not all Android cables are interchangeable, but I’ve seen various cables work on several different types of devices before. Trying switching out both the cable and power block as either of them could be the culprit. The standard Amazon power block outputs 5w and 1a so it would be best to find one with the same output if possible. You can also try another device with your kindle charger; if the other device is able to charge then you know the cable is ok.

If your kindle still isn’t charging and you’ve managed to rule out everything else, read on below to find out how to do a hard reset.

How to Perform a “Hard Reset”


Hold down the power button for 30 Seconds. Do not let go!

If the above steps haven’t helped you then it’s very possible that your kindle is already on but “Hung” or “Frozen”. Sometimes, we’re not able to tell the difference because it will freeze on a black screen and it misleads us into thinking it isn’t on at all when, in fact, it is. To resolve this we’re going to do a “Hard Reset” which is just a fancy way of saying we’re going to force the Kindle to restart itself. Like so many other devices, for reasons we don’t always fully understand, sometimes, the solution is to just turn it off then turn it back on. We can achieve this by holding down the power for 30 seconds. It’s possible that during this 30 seconds, your kindle may flash a shutdown message or pop up asking you to swipe or press a button. Ignore it! Just keep holding down the power button until it shuts itself off.

You Might Need to Contact Support…


The title says it all…

If you’ve ruled out the charger as the culprit, you’re sure that the battery is fully charged, and you’ve tried doing a hard reset; then we have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is you’ll probably need to contact Amazon support to get them to help you further. They good news is the Amazon Customer service is among the best on the internet and you can be sure that they will be able to tell assist you in getting your kindle serviced if it comes to that.

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