Know All About Enclosed Scooter Cars

One way to get around town without having to worry about getting stuck into too much traffic is through the use of enclosed scooter cars. They are great transportation option especially now that gas is getting more expensive. In this article, we shall look into enclosed scooter cars and see why it is becoming a hot topic nowadays.

What Is Enclosed Scooter Car?

Enclosed scooter cars are vehicles that look like a combination of a car and a scooter. To describe it better, it looks like a scooter but it is enclosed like a car. They come in different sizes, shapes and number of wheels. They could have 2 wheels or 3 wheels. There are also some scooter cars that have 4 wheels like a car. The only difference is that it is very compact which allows you to maneuver into traffic easily compared to the normal, usual, traditional cars.

Another thing that you would surely love about enclosed scooter cars are fuel efficient. There are some scooter cars that could use a gallon per 100 miles which means you could save a lot on gas. Moreover, this scooter car is very affordable as it could only cost you about $500.

Benefits of Scooter Cars

Getting a scooter car comes with many benefits, advantages and pros. It has zero emissions which means it does not produce any harmful emissions into the environment.

Having a scooter car makes it easier for you in terms of parking. It could be parked in small spaces which is perfect for tight urban environments. Moreover, there are some scooter cars which are 4 wheel drive capabilities which means it is perfect for off-road driving. They also come with 180 wheel rotation which allows you to park in places where normal cars could not.

Cons of Scooter Car

Though there are a lot of advantages in getting a scooter car, there are also some downsides as well just like any other product. For example scooter cars have limited range as it could only travel up to 50 miles on a single charge which means, this vehicle is not suitable for long distance trips. It could only accommodate up to 2 passengers and has only a small cargo space. It is also difficult to find where to find this type of scooter/car.

Though there are some disadvantages, this product’s advantages outweighs the drawbacks.

Nissan Scoot Enclosed Scooter Car

Nissan is one of the best manufacturers which has produced the Nissan scooter car. It is considered as one of the best. Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase one as it is only for rental. The downside of Nissan’s scooter car, is that it is no longer being manufactured.

Alternative to Enclosed Scooter Car

If you cannot find and cannot purchase a scooter car, do not worry as there are several alternatives which you could choose from. For example, you could get a scooter hoverboards, electric bikes and electric skateboards. These modes of transportations are becoming more popular and is starting to be used by commuters.

Is Enclosed Scooter Car Still In Use?

Yes, they are still being in used. In fact, golf cars are considered as enclosed electric scooter cars which are being used all over the world. You could also find them in airports, amusement parks and tourist destinations.

Electric scooters are fun to use. They are affordable as well as environmental friendly.

There are different styles to choose from and they are great alternative to scooter cars. They could travel up to 20 mph.


What is an enclosed scooter car?

It is an electric vehicle that are similar to traditional gas powered scooter. The only difference is that they are powered by electricity and they are more compact. Only 2 people could fit in it.

How far can they go?

They could go up to 15 miles on a single charge.

What kind of charging do they require?

They would need about 4 hours for them to be able to become fully charged.

Are there any restrictions on where we could drive them?

This would depend on your local traffic laws. Ensure to double check your area.

Are Enclosed Scooter Cars Safe?

Yes, enclosed scooter cars are safe. They come with safety features just like a normal vehicle.

Can I ride a scooter car anywhere?

Unfortunately not, you will have to double check your local laws.

How much do they cost?

They would vary in price. They could cost between $200 to $300.

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