Leaked video shows Apple reversible USB cable

A few days ago, there were reports suggesting that Apple is working on a reversible USB cable for its upcoming iPhone 6 but there was not enough evidence to support this fact just yet. A lot of people said that it’s not possible for Apple to develop the technology in such a small amount of time. It seems that they’re set to prove the naysayers wrong as a recent video that was leaked online shows the reversible Apple USB cable in action.

In the video, the user first plugs in the USB cable, then unplugs it, reverse it and then plug it back in successfully. The video was leaked by Sonny Dickson who is well known for his leaks related to Apple products. The video which was posted to YouTube and Twitter is a 10 second video that shows the alleged Apple reversible USB cable in action.

Current USB cables, including the Apple ones, are only capable of connecting to any USB port in one direction; this would be a welcome addition. We’ve all experienced the annoyance of constantly flipping a usb key over and over.  As you know, it takes at least three flips to plug in a USB. That’s science…

The video was also accompanied by two other photos showing the iPhone being charged via the cable in both directions. So far, Apple has declined to comment on either of the photos or the leaked video.

The new reversible cable is said to be included in the upcoming iPhone 6 package which is due to be released at an event on September 9. It is still unknown whether Apple will make the new reversible USB cable available as an accessory for other devices too but the guess is that this will happen after Apple releases the iPhone 6. Still, this news should be taken with a grain of salt as nothing is final or confirmed before the original launch event.

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