Best Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Fender Stratocaster is a legendary name in the music industry. There is a version of this wonderful electric guitar that is specially designed for left-handed users. This is a guitar that is loved by experienced musicians, as well as beginners. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise to find out that it is a worldwide bestseller. The guitar includes hand%rolled fingerboard edges, an improved bridge with bent steel saddles, three Custom Shop Fat 50’s pickups and staggered tuners. Thanks to the pickups, you will enjoy the distinctive resonating sound that Stratocaster is known for.

This guitar offers an unforgettable experience for players and listeners. The Rosewood fretboard with satin neck back ensures that the instrument can be played without hassle, while the thin%finish undercoat allows the body to breathe and provides increased resonance. It is an instrument that both professional and beginner left-handed musicians need to play. It is advisable to get a protective case or a guitar bag to keep this prime guitar safe.

Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster

This is an impressive option for left-handed guitar players. It offers all the features you would expect from a Fender Telecaster and it has amazing built, without design or electronic flaws. The sound of the guitar can be instantly recognized and it is suitable for professionals and inexperienced players. The iconic design of the Telecaster has turned it into a classic. It is ideal for people who want a reliable guitar with a good design, that is available for a reasonable price. With this model, you will be able to get all the advantages of a Fender Telecaster, for an affordable price. Again, it is important to get a case of bag to keep it protected.

Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR 7-String Electric Guitar

This is a beautiful seven strings guitar that is perfect for left-handed users. Apart from its stunning design, the Schecter Hellraiser is a great instrument that features an original Floyd Rose tremolo bar that needs some initial setup. There are Active EMG 707-TW pickups that bring the sound to life and that match it perfectly. The volume and tone are controlled with two knobs. There is a switch for the neck and bridge pickups that allow you to select the kind of sound that you prefer. Once you plug the guitar in an amplifier, it offers a wide selection of sounds. In addition, the finish of the body is gorgeous.

Fender CD-100CE Dreadnought Cutaway Left Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This is a beautiful option that is a southpaw variation of the classic Fender acoustic-electric guitar. It offers really good sound and the strings don’t offer resistance at all. The smooth performance makes it a great option for beginners, but that doesn’t mean that professionals won’t find appealing as it offers the unique Fender sound. The guitar feature fingerboard and bridge, as well as mahogany back, chrome tuners and Fishman preamp with included tuner. It is meant to last and you can get it for an affordable price, which makes it a great purchase.

Yamaha APX700II Left-Hand Acoustic Electric Guitar BUNDLE

Yamaha brings us an acoustic-electric guitar that belongs to a line of classic and popular instruments. The guitar features solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, as well as ART 1-way system and it comes along with a guitar strap. In addition, it comes with an instructional DVD, Yamaha FG12 guitar strings and even the Legacy LT-600 digital tuner. It is a convenient solution for beginners thanks to its solid price and the good selection of features.

Dean Guitars Exotica A/E Lefty Bubinga Wood Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Left Handed with Aphex

This left-handed acoustic-electric guitar by Deam may be somehow underrated, but it is an option that should definitely be considered. It features Bubinga trademark body and mahogany neck along with rosewood fingerboard, delivering an appealing look and sound. If you are looking for the perfect choice, this Dean guitar is perfect for acoustic and electric gigs. The guitar offers smooth, beautiful sound that will amaze you and those who are listening. It is a very enjoyable instrument to play.

Hagstrom Viking Electric Guitar (Left Handed, Wild Cherry Transparent)

Swedish Hagstrom guitars brings a left handed electric guitar with a vintage look. It features a wild cherry finish and it offers a great playing experience. You also get custom pickups that provide the unique sound that Hagstrom users can easily recognize. The guitar’s body is laminated and made of maple, it has thin neck that makes things easier for players, regardless if they have small or long fingers. While it is more expensive than other options and there are other guitars that offer better quality for the same price, this Hagstrom instrument is still a solid option to consider.

Hagstrom Super Swede Electric Guitar (Left Handed, Black Gloss)

This is another guitar with a mahogany body and neck with a fingerboard made of resinator wood. With a fingerboard scale is 25.5 inches that allows the guitar to deliver the best experience when you are playing. You can also enjoy the amazing sound resonating and warm with the two Hagstrom custom pickups. It is one of the easier options to adjust the guitars easily and to play any style and genre.

Schecter C-1 Custom Electric Guitar Left Handed

The C-1 costs less than the C-7 and it can offer higher quality. The C-7 features seven strings and it stands out thanks to its appearance and edgy design, but the C-1 is focused on offering better sound. It is ideal for guitarists in any genre. You get the Seymour Duncan Custom SH-11 pickups and the TonePros TOM bridge. The instrument is convenient and it looks great.

ESP LTD EC 50 Left Handed

ESP is known for creating guitars that are great choices for hard rock and metal guitar musicians. The left handed version of the EC 50 series features all the options that you find in the right handed model. It has a black finish, basswood body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard that features 24.7 inch scale. With the LH-150 pickups, it is possible to make sustaining of your distortion last for an hour. This guitar allows you to achieve the perfect solo.

ESP LTD MH-50 Left Handed Electric Guitar (Black)

Along with a solid built, this guitar offers an edgy design and it is another option that suits metal guitarists perfectly. It allows you to get the sound that you want through its double locking bridge with tremolo and LH-150 pickups. In addition, the guitar features a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard made of 24 frets that will bring you extra piercing sounds. Another advantage of this powerful guitar for metal fans is that it is available for a reasonable price.

Ibanez RG8L Black 8-string Left-Handed Electric Guitar

Here is another solid eight strings left handed electric guitar that allows you to reach your true potential as a guitar player. Apart from the two additional strings, the guitar features a basswood body with rosewood fretboard on a mixed maple/walnut neck. Precision and professional quality is core to the Ibanez RG series so there is no doubt that with this guitar, you will be able to enjoy perfection with each note. With the two hummbucker pickups, you will be able to bring the sound of this guitar to the next level.

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