Lenovo announces A1900 – a $60 quad-core smartphone for entry level consumers

After Microsoft announced its $70 Lumia 430, not to mention Xiaomi’s Redmi 2A for $97, one of the largest PC maker in the world, Lenovo, has also jumped in to the bandwagon of affordable smartphones and announced its $60 phone, which has been named A1900 and features a quad-core processor. Devices possessing a price tag below the $100 mark will be incorporated with hardware specifications that will provide just enough to allow smooth functionality without things like multitasking and high definition video gaming. In short, consumers looking to purchase A1900 should not looking to perform something extra ordinary from the device.

In terms of hardware specifications, A1900 possess a SC7730 SoC, which is running ARM’s Cortex-A7 processor clocked in at 1.2 GHz. As stated earlier, the processor is comprised up of four cores and will be supplement by a Mali 400 graphics processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. While the company has fitted a modicum amount of on-board memory, users can upgrade that total amount through a microSD card.

Details concerning the total amount of storage has not been stated but users will most likely be limited to 32 GB. A1900 also possesses a 4 inch IPS panel that is rendering the 800 by 480 pixels. Since the smartphone carries a price tag of $60, the tech firm was forced to make some trade-offs, one of them being performance and the other is providing blazing fast wireless connectivity. As a result, A1900 is void of an LTE modem, but is able to provide 3G connectivity on the 2100 MHz frequency. For additional flexibility, Lenovo has also incorporated a dual-SIM feature, negating you from carrying two devices at the same time.

As expected, the $60 price tag will allow a 1500 mAh battery, and while it is removable, consumers should not expect that it will be able to provide them with sufficient amounts of battery life. There is a high possibility that the device will not be shipped out to the western markets, so customers looking to purchase the budget handset will have to try their luck by searching the Chinese markets.

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