LG AKA – a new concept smartphone

We have seen LG in the past experimenting with their smartphones but this time around the company has teased a new concept smartphone that will be announced this year at World IT Show that will be held in Korea and Busan and will go on from 20th of October till 23rd October.

The concept smartphone from LG is known as LG AKA that comes attached with two words one is being customizable while the other is being personal. Now customization is not something unique about the LG AKA smartphone as users would only be able to change the panels on the smartphone with other colored panels, but being personal is something that is unique about the LG AKA smartphone.

Every LG AKA smartphone is going to have animated eyes on top of the interchangeable panels that would express feelings depending on its user. According to LG the emotion of the LG AKA smartphone will change according to how the user uses it and would depend on things like apps, the kind of music one listens to and a lot of other activities.

The smartphone is only going to launch in Korea for now due to it being a concept smartphone though if the LG AKA got a lot of attention LG might consider launching it globally but for now its only limited to the Korean market and will launch somewhere next month.

It’s not the first time we have seen LG experimenting with their smartphones as previously the company did come up with a smartphone with a curved display known as LG Flex that didn’t get as much attention as it should have, maybe that is why LG is considering to only launch the LG AKA in the Korean market. What do you think about the LG AKA did it catch your interest?

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