LG announces its first all-metal smartwatch called LG Watch Urbane

LG just announced its first all-metal smartwatch called LG Watch Urbane. Unlike the previous LG G Watch and G Watch R, this one looks more like a classic wrist watch that appeals to both the geeky and elite class of people.

According to the CEO of LG mobile Juno Cho,

The LG Watch Urbane’s classic design and smart features make it the perfect smartwatch to complement our G Watch and G Watch R, which were designed as more casual and active devices.

LG Watch Urbane comes in in two colors – gold and silver and it comes with a leather strap. Owners of the watch do have the option to replace this strap with a 22mm wide band of any type. It is also the first all-metal smartwatch by the Korean giant. It features a 1.3inch plastic OLED display just like the G Watch R, a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor chip and runs Android Wear.

According to a research firm Canalys, there were a total of 4.6 million wearable products shipped worldwide in 2014. Out of these, only 720,000 units were running Android Wear that is just 15.6% of the total units. Still, LG has put faith on the Google’s Android Wear for its new smartwatch.

LG Watch Urbane announcement is perfectly timed as it’s just weeks before the Apple Watch is expected to arrive in the market. Apple CEO Tim Cook has already hinted at an April launch date. There are no other details given out about the LG Watch Urbane but the company said that it will show off its all-metal timepiece at the MWC this month.

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